What is Email Marketing Business? Learn the Basics Here!

So what is Email marketing business and how does it work? How can you use Email marketing? Maybe you have heard about Email Marketing and wondering how you can personally start Email marketing.


Perhaps, you might have been wondering if there are some advantages of Email marketing. Well, if that is your concern, then you’re going to get satisfying answers to these questions.

In this post, I’m going to help you understand the basics of Email marketing business, how you can benefit from Email marketing and give you some tips on how you can get started with your own list building.


So What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a method or a way reaching your potential customers through electronic mail – who may have visited your website without taking any action. 

NOTE:  Email marketing is quite different from spamming. In this case, you ONLY send Emails to customers who have shown interest in your business and want you to contact them.

So What Is Email Marketing & How Does It Work?

And they do this by subscribing to your forms which you have placed on your website.

Once a customers or a potential visitor subscribes to your email list by leaving their Email addresses with you, they show that they are interested in getting your recommendations.

So you can take advantage of this and send them your offers, but you need to be careful not to sound too pushy, always trying to sell to them, else your might loose your potential customers. 

Most of them swill unsubscribe of you sound too pushy in selling to them.

You need to let them know that you care about them, by first offering them something valuable before trying to sell to them.

It could be some bonus you give them to make them feel you care about them.

You need to build trust with your customers! Then they will easily trust your offers.


The Problem Most People Face With  Email Marketing

Most business owners face challenges when it comes to Email list building. And the challenge is which Autoresponder or Email company to start with. 

Well, there are many Email marketing companies out there, some  look very classic such as; Aweba, GetResponse, Drip, Icontant, Constant Contact, Traffic Wave, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and etc …

However, most of these AutoResponders are expensive, others may not be helpful to you depending on the type of business yo’re running.

For instance, Aweba is know to provide some very good services, however, if you’re running a personal business and want a budgeted Email services then I wouldn’t recommend Aweba for you.

The reason is that the more customers you get, the more they charge you. The same is true with other popular ones.


My Best Recommendation

Looking what I said, earlier, most people have challenge about which AutoResponder to go for which will best suit their business.

If you are looking for the best & most suitable one for your business, then my best recommendation is Traffic Wave.


4 Good Reasons Why I Recommend Traffic Wave!

Below are some 4 good reasons why I personally use & recommend Traffic Wave & why you should consider using their services.

  • 1) Traffic Wave Pricing

The reason is that unlike other Email service providers, with Traffic Wave, you are not limited to building your Email list.

You can build up to 5000 list and you will pay the same amount compared to other AutoResponders.

See the details below:


  • 2) FREE 30 days Trial Account

Also, the good news is that with Traffic Wave, you’re allowed to Create 30 days FREE  Trial Account to see how their Email services work before making any payment.

So basically, you have nothing to loose, if after the 30 days Trial You’re not satisfied with their services, you’re not forced to go premium or make any payment


  • 3) Step by Step Guide To List Building

Another reason why you want to consider Traffic Wave when it comes to  choosing an AutoResponder is their step by step guide.

Even if you’re a newbie to Email marketing, Traffic Wave will guide through step by step video training on how to set up your own AutoResponder & building your own list in a very simple way.

So you need not to worry at all. You will be given all that you need to know about list building plus FREE default pre-written letters which you can use to promote Traffic Wave for commission.


  • 4) You Can Choose To Be An Affiliate of Traffic Wave

Of course you do not need to become an Affiliate of Traffic Wave to be able to use or benefit from their services, however, this is also another fine opportunity for you to make some extra income out of your business.


NOTE:  As an Affiliate, you have the opportunity to use some of the money you will get from referring other customers to Traffic Wave to pay for your membership.

The first person you refer to Traffic Wave gives you a  Fast Track Bonus of $17.95 which is equivalent to your monthly membership payment.

So basically, you only need just one (1) referral to pay for your monthly fee as a member of Traffic Wave.

So in this way, you’ll not need to use your pocket money to pay for your monthly fee or membership which $17.95 for the services Traffic Wave provides you.

The video below explains in details how Traffic Wave Affiliate compensation plan works. Click To Watch


⇒ You Can Create Your Own FREE 30 Days Trial Account Here Now!


So now that you have some basic knowledge about Email marketing and how you can use it to boost up your business and conversion, let take brief look at how you can get started with your own list building or Email marketing.

NB: I’m not going to talk about everything in connection with Email marketing in this post, so you do yourself more good by going to my recommended platform for more information.

For example you will benefit a lot by watching this Live Video Training on my #1 Recommended Platform which gives you a step by step guide to getting started with your own Email marketing.

You can watch it here! Click to Watch  ⇐   OR the Video Link Below!


How To Get Started  With Your Email Marketing – Beginner Guide!

Before you think of venturing into email marketing, I recommend you boost your website Traffic before.

Why? Well, the reason is that you want people to sign up to your list some you can send them Emails through your Autoresponder.

However, if you have NO Traffic to your website, no one will come and signup to your list and your effort or the purpose of your list building will not benefit you.

So to achieve optimum result with your Email marketing, you need to first work to get some good Website Traffic before getting started with list building.

The good news is that there are several ways you can Generate FREE Traffic to your website without having to pay anything.

You can check this post to see my step by step guide on how to Increase your website Traffic. Click Here  ⇐


Now when you have your website ready and want to get started with your Email marketing or list building, I recommend you watch the video below.

It will give all the tips you need to know about Email marketing & how you can do it successfully.

I hope this video was helpful in helping you get started with your own Email marketing and building a list of your potential customers.


⇒ Get Started Here By Creating Your Own FREE Trial Account With Traffic Wave!


If you have any question or comment about this post please feel FREE and leave it below.


My best wishes,



6 thoughts on “What is Email Marketing Business? Learn the Basics Here!”

  1. Stephen,

    Email marketing is such an important part of an online business. I use TrafficWave too and I am very satisfied. I started out with the 30 day free trial first. It is nice to be able to market to your sites visitors again and again. Building a list takes time and patience. I certainly look forward to building my list. Thanks for all the great information in your post. It is very helpful indeed.

    1. Thanks a lot Lisa for leaving your comment on this post. I’m so glad I’m in the same business with you. As you rightly said Build Email of all your customers or visitors to your business is the best choice anyone having a business can ever make whether an Affiliate Marketer or you’re in the Network Marketing business.

      I also use Traffic Wave and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an AutoResponder or Email list building company.

      My best wishes.

  2. Dear Stephen,

    Thanks for the detailed post and I do agree with you on the importance of email marketing because money is in the list. I am using Traffic Wave autoresponder its great and the training are awesome. We get a great autoresponder for an affordable cost. Thanks Again!

    Your Friend,

    1. Thank you too Paul,

      for leaving your comment on this post. Certainly anyone serious about his or her business knows that they can’t do it without Email Marketing. That is if they really want to build a long term business that will last into the future.

      And if anyone is looking for a very good Email Marketing company to work with. That is a fine AutoResponder, then My #1 Recommendation is Traffic Wave as you read in this review, they provide the best Email Marketing Services and AutoResponder for anyone who wants to venture into Email Marketing at a very good price. Yes, the best price you can ever get

  3. Good article, Stephen. I agree with your assessment of Traffic Wave. Years ago I used AWeber and had not heard of TW. Now I am using TW and loving it. Ease of use, good customer support, reasonable pricing all play in a lot. A bonus it the TW affiliate program. The combo makes Traffic Wave unbeatable!

    1. I’m glad to hear that Annie, I know people like must have a lot of experience in online marketing and as a result a lot of success so you may know the in and out of Email Marketing, which one works well one which one does not.

      I have personally not used A-Weber before, I know that they are one of the best out there that provide good Email services to their customers. But I have come to know about Traffic Wave and I can say so far they the best I can recommend in terms of both their services and charges.

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