What is Free to Focus – Is It a Scam? or Legit?


So, What is Free to Focus? You’re here because you probably might have heard about the release of this new productivity system called free to focus and you want to know what it really is, as to whether it will prove to helpful for entrepreneurs as it’s creator, Michael Hyatt, claims it it is going to work.

Well, if you’re here because you want to know just how this system will work, it legitimacy, or as  to whether it is another scam, then I want to assure you that you have come to right place. So, What is Free to Focus? Is it a scam or something worth your attention. Well follow me as I give you detailed review on this new system.

But before we even dig deeper into this review about Free to Focus, let take an overview of what this program really is who is known to be the founder.


An Overview of Free to Focus

Product name: Free to Focus

Website: www.freetofocus.com

Price: No info

Owner: Michael Hyatt

Rating: 4 out 10

My Verdict: Free to Focus not a scam, however, I can’t recommend this training program to you, and I will show you why I will not recommend it.

Now that we have an overview of what Free to Focus is and who founded this system which is said to be built for entrepreneurs, executives and leaders to help them boost their productivity.


So, What is Free to Focus?

Well, as previewed above, this is a productivity system created by Michael Hyatt (known to be a formal CEO of Thomas

Michael Hyatt- Founder

Nelson from August 2005 to April 2011),  which is claimed to be designed with the intention of helping executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders, created to help you slay distractions, free your time from interruptions, and finally focus on the projects and people that matter most.


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Michael Hyatt claims that although there has been other productivity systems  which have proved to by unsatisfying, his new free to focus system is a transformative productivity system designed specifically for for busy leaders, from entrepreneurs to executives.

When you visit his website Michael Hyatt says; he says, “do you find that in spite of the amount of hours you work, the most important things still don’t get done? Are you regularly overwhelmed by interruptions, distractions, and ineffective processes in your workplace, regardless of how high-achieving you are?”

Also, quoting him directly he says “Is the constant stream of work separating you from your priorities—like spending time with your family, exercising, seeing your friends, pursuing your passions, and taking vacations?”

So simply put, Michael Hyatt want to mean that, his newly developed system can help all entrepreneurs, including executives and busy leaders to achieve a very high productivity while working less. So you can have more time for other things like your family and even other important things such as planing for vacation trips and holidays.


So Who Is Michael Hyatt?

Well, Michael Hyatt is  is also known to be the founder of 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever,™ Platform University®.  From my research,  he has run his own company, Michael Hyatt & Company, since 2012, which is has been named multi-million dollar online training company.

Michael Hyatt is also known for his book which he published, with the title; Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. Although I have not used this book before personally, it users claim that it provide step by step guidance on how to gain visibility online for your product, service, or cause.

Also, Michael is known to be featured in other profiles such as;

  • Fast Company magazine: “How Can You Tell If A Goal Is Achievable And Realistic?” (April 12, 2016)
  • Inc. magazine: “The 15 Best Podcast for Entrepreneurs” (March 21, 2016)
  • Entrepreneur magazine: “7 Tips to Take Your Personal Brand to Celebrity Status” (February 5, 2016)



How Does Free to Focus Work

Well, according to Michael Hyatt, this is his new Free to Focus system is a three (3) part training course which is designed to provides an actionable blueprint for prioritizing the high-leverage activities in your business, clearing the path for you to generate more revenue and do more of the work you love.

As I already said, Micheal Hyatt claims that, his Free to focus system is not to make you feel crammed with work, but rather, you have a very little task to perform, and he says,  “it’s not about doing more. It’s about accomplishing more by doing less“.

He also claims that, this is a dynamic course that will help you to achieve a lot of result, while freeing up your schedule for other important matters and for people you care about most.

In addition, Micheal Hyatt says he he will teach you how  to spend 80% of your time of what’s most important (instead of the mere 20% most leaders are able to devote to their priorities).

So he says that his course is going to help all entrepreneurs, executives and busy leaders learn how  to identify the most important commitments and tasks and execute on them for powerful results. Also, he says that this system does not require conformity to a strict or complex set of rules,  but rather, Free to Focus™ conforms to the way an individual prefers to work.

And then he continues to add by saying, when you’re Free to Focus, the way you work—and live your life—will never be the same. So yes, Michael Hyatt claims that this newly designed system is going to help you achieve more while you work less.


So What is Included in this Course?

Based on my thorough research, Michael Hyatt’s course will include the following packages;

  1. 9 video lessons + downloadable resources (exercise worksheets, audio files, transcripts, slide decks, instructional materials… PLUS a $2000+ bonus vault for those who enroll in the Premium or Ultimate editions).  Here is the first video for the course: 
  2. Proven principles for implementing the 3 fundamental strategies that will reinvent your productivity mindset, reduce your workload, and sustain your efficiency
  3. An all-in-one solution for reclaiming time for the people and projects that matter, regardless of whether you prefer digital or analog calendars, planners, and to-do lists
  4. Unlimited access to  Free to Focus Productivity Summit interviews (one-on-one interviews with 8 top productivity experts, including Jason Fried, Greg McKeown, Gretchen Rubin, Shawn Stevenson, Chalene Johnson, and more)

Michael also says he has a special ‘Elite Bonus Vault’ bonuses for those who will sign up for this course, which includes the following;

  • 50+ of Michael’s ultimate time-saving email templates, ready to download
  • How to travel like a pro (2 exclusive videos + a packing list)
  • How to organize your workspace for maximum efficiency (tutorial video)
  • Exclusive access to the private Free to Focus Facebook group
  • How to design morning and evening rituals that will set up your productive day (PDF kit)
  • 5 step-by-step, in-depth screen-casts of Michael’s favorite productivity tools, including Evernote, Nozbe, Slack, TextExpander, and Workflowy
  • Michael’s 7-part productivity formula for calculating your projected increase in revenue (PDF ebook)
  • Your Secret Productivity Weapon, a 4-part mini-course which teaches you how to find, train, and leverage a world-class executive assistant (Ultimate package only)


So you may ask how much does this online training course cost, well, as I mentioned earlier, and as you saw in my overview, the price for this course has not been disclosed yet. It is said that it will be available on the launch date which is;  September 25, 2017.

However, you should know that this course is not free and will never be free. there is no guaranttee on that. You will have to pay for it, whether good or bad.


So, Do I Recommend Free to Focus?

Well, my answer to that question is a big NO, and let me explain to you why I’m saying that, I do not recommend this training course for anyone, even though it has been hyped by many reviews out there and Michael himself.

Of course, you will agree with me that no one will promote something and say that it is fake or a scam. He will do all he can convince others, even if what he is promoting is bad, especially if he is the owner of the product he is promoting.

And the say thing apply to all who may be in support in doing the promotion, because they will get their commission for making such promotion through their affiliate links which they have registered with such program, they will do all they can to hype what they are promoting in other to get others to sign up for it so they can get their commission.

 For example, you can watch this video to see how members who have signed up with free to focus and who want to convince others to also sign up try to hype the program

. just so they can get other to pay and sign up for this newly and yet to be launched system.



But that is not fair, to promote something you’re not sure about it effectiveness and outcome just because yo want your commission.

I’m sure you are getting what I mean and you will agree with me why I do not recommend this Free to Focus system. Because it it fails to work as they claim and have hyped it to be, you would have lost your precious money for nothing.

However, there far more better training courses out there, I mean there are better reputable and well known online platforms that offers to teach you for free. You do not need to pay anything. You will just put your credit card somewhere, so in this case there is no fears, because there is absolutely nothing to loose.

One of such is Wealthy Affiliate, where you can learn step by step through video tutorials on how to build your own business website and step by step training on how to make money online from your own built website. And they offer to teach you for free. Absolutely free. So you have nothing to loose.

Yes, in just some few seconds you can have your own built website set up and running, with the help of their SiteRubix building platform, they have made things more easier and easy to follow, where you’re an expect or a newbie. I’m talking from personal experience.

I went to Wealthy affiliate no knowledge on how to build my personal website, but now I have my own built business website running and working online as an entrepreneur.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a very great community with over 850,000 active members, who are ever ready to assist you anytime you feel stacked. What I even love most is their 24/7 Live Chat, which gives you the opportunity to freely ask questions when you need help



Also, the community is full of very well experienced entrepreneurs who are ever ready to assist you achieve success online. So Wealthy Affiliate is more that  just a platform, but a BIG community where you can get all the help you need to make success online.


You can watch this testimonial video to see the truthfulness of Wealthy Affiliate, how the platform works and how they can help you to achieve success by building your own business that will bring you some regular income.


And you will get all these plus the best online training ever for free. Yes, absolutely free, that is why I’m so passionate about Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you for free on how to become your own boss online.


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So, at this point, if I should as you again, what is Free to Focus? What will be you answer? Well, there is no doubt that this review has opened your eyes to see what this Free to Focus is all about.

As I said, this is a program that is yet to be launched, so it may not be a scam, however I can’t recommend it to you because there are more better training platforms out there that offers to teach you free.

So if you were offered to opportunity to choose one, which one will you go in for? Is it the one you’re not too sure about it legitimacy? OR: the one that promises to teach you for free. Well, there is no doubt you will choose the latter.

And that is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate promises to offer you. A free website along with free training on how to make money from your own built website. So, you will loose nothing for signing up with Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope this review about Free to Focus has been helpful? On the other hand if have any question about this review or my recommended platform, just feel free to leave it below and I will get back to you.


About the Author


I’m Stephen, the founder of Jobs Online-Stephen.com. If you have have read my “About Me Page”, you will understand that  my goal is to help others succeed online as I’m doing, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your online business.




Wishing you all the best with your online business.




6 thoughts on “What is Free to Focus – Is It a Scam? or Legit?”

  1. I appreciate your review but your free solution has nothing to do what Free To Focus is offering. Free To Focus seems to be more about Time Management while Wealthy Affiliate is about Building a Website to market your product. Not the same.

    1. Hello Tom,

      I’m glad you left your comment about this review. And I’m also happy you understood I did not say anything bias about FREE to Focus. Yes, I never mentioned that FREE to focus is a scam.

      The only problem I have with them is the fact that they never mentioned about their pricing on their website so potential customers can also get to know about it and decide if it is worth their money before venturing into it.

      My best wishes

  2. I’m sure there are some fine points in this program that a professional could take and learn from. A program like this may have some hype, but that’s part of the selling process, and so while my comment may be counter to others regarding this review, I don’t really see why it should have this low of a rank.

    1. That is your opinion Andrew, however as you read from thos review, I never mentioned that this is a scam program. But I will not recommend it either, why because this is  new program which has now come into the system,  so we cannot tell the truthfulness of it and even how legitimate it is going to be.

      Anyways, thanks for sharing your opinion on this Free to Focus review.

  3. Great write up and explanation about the Free to Focus. Was looking into it and found this useful article. Its good to have different opinion about Free to Focus so that I can consider it properly. Wealthy affiliate sounds promising if someone is looking to build an online business and would like to venture in affiliate line.

    1. Thank you friend, you have done the right thing for looking into reviews about this Free to Focus program before signing up for it. Many people fail to do this and they end up falling victim of scams online.

      So I will commend you for taking the initiative to do dome research before accpting any offer that Free to Focus claims to have for you.

      And as you said, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for you as the best place to start any online business you may have in mind, especially if you’re really interested in Affiliate Marketing.

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