What is Happy World Meal Gate? Is It a Scam or Worth Your Effort?


Products: Happy World Meal Gate

Founders: No information

Price: $32 for registration.


Rating: 3 out of 10

My Verdicts: Not the best money making program for you.


What is Happy World meal Gate

Like other MLM Programs, Happy World Meal Gate is a very Legitimate and dynamic Multi-level Marketing Company based in Africa, who says their mission is to bring smile to people’s faces through the supply of food.

So, in short, Happy World Meal Gate says they strongly believe that, hunger and malnutrition are global threat which needs to be tackled without delay.

So, basically, Happy World Meal Gate says that when you sign up to join their program, they will make sure that your basic need in life which is food are met. They will supply you with your basic necessities in life which the foremost is food.


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However, the truth is that, like all MLM programs, Happy World Meal Gate is NOT FREE to join m- therefore, although claiming to help you meet your basic supply of food, you need to keep in mind you’re actually paying for it.

In addition to their supplying you food, HWMG says their mission doesn’t end with just providing you with food, but also, one of their aim is to help people satisfied their financial needs by generating some income through this MLM program.

Quoting directly from their website this is what they say, “We are proffering a sustainable food/reward system which embraces civil servants, traders, this is what they have to say, pensioners, farmers, students and a wide array of low income earners and ensures that as soon as anyone registers on our portal and meet the requirements; they are rewarded, also generate much needed income and in the process drive their feeding expenses to the barest minimum”.



  • Happy World Meal Gate is Not a Scam
  • They have a compensation plan for their members



  • Like all MLM programs, Happy World Meal Gate is NOT FREE to join.
  • Happy World Meal Gate Has No Products to Sell.
  • This program uses a Pyramid Scheme compensation plan to pay their members
  • It also requires that you go rounds looking for individual to recruit them to join the program
  • Happy World Meal Gate requires that you recruit 6 people under you to be able to benefit from the payment plan.
  • It is estimated that about 90% of all who join MLM programs fail.
  • Like all MLM programs ONLY those at the top of the Pyramid really see some success.
  • There is NO guarantee that you will succeed with this program.
  • If you fail to succeed, Happy World Meal Gate will NOT give you back your money.


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How Can You Join Happy World Meal Gate?

First of all, to be able to register to join Happy World meal Gate,l you will need to Pay a registration FREE of $32, which they claim its a one time payment.

So after paying your $32, Happy World Meal gate now gives your your package of food items which according to them will help you combat any difficulties you may have been experiencing, in terms of food and nutrition.

So in a sense, Happy World Meal Gate says they are actually helping you get this meal at a very reduced rate or low cost.


Happy World Meal Gate Compensation Plan

Now that we have seen how much you must pay to get registered with or sign up with Happy World Meal gate, let now take a closer look at their compensation plan and how you can benefit from joining this program.

Before we even dig deeper, I recommend you watch this YouTube video from one of their members trying explain their compensation plan and how it works.


Also, as part of their compensation plan, you can either register for 1 account (known as the FOOD FARM STAGE) which goes for $32 or 3 accounts which will be $32 x 3 or preferably 7 accounts, if you really want to benefit from their compensation plan – which will, in turn, will automatically qualify you for the next stage known as Stage one (1).

So as you can see, like all MLM programs, if you really don’t have money to do mall these registrations you will not really benefit from this program – the possibility that you will fail to make some good income as they claim is very high.

The reason is that this program looks like money goes and money comes in return – So if you don’t have the money to invest into it, then your chances of making some success or income is very low.

So after you have done your registration successfully, you will no be given your membership ID – which is your unique pin or code given to you so you can also use it to refer or recruit other people into the program.

Happy world meal gate says that at the first State, which is Stage 1 or Farm Stage – all rewards you get are in the form of food items. So you will not be given any money at this stage.


Your Job of Recruiting Others Into Happy World

As I said earlier, there is NO MLM program that will not require that you recruit others to join the program. Like all of the Happy World Meal Gate require that you go rounds looking for people to convince them into registering with their program.

The secret is that the more people register – the more the company gets money, then they can also pay members on board.This where the reality of MLM lies./ The truth is that convincing person to register with any MLM program is not an easy task at all.

Even the most popular and well reputable MLM programs – it is very difficult getting people to sign up or register. And the reason is that it requires some money to be able to join any of these MLM programs, it’s NOT FREE.

And unlike other MLM programs who will require you to bring ONLY 2 or 3 or even sometimes 4 people to register under you as your down-lines. then you become their upline.

Happy World Meal Gate requires that you bring 6 people to register under you – which I see it to be a very daunting task. Why because even getting 2 people under you is a very huge task. And that is the main reason why most people fail, with MLM programs.

Because you will have to be very skilful in convincing people to use their hard earned money in registering as an investment into any MLM program.

NB: And don’t forget that you will not start making money by bringing 6 people on board to register- rather, these 6 people will also have to bring 6 people each to register under them. If they fail to do the work you did and do not bring their 6 people each, you will gain nothing – yes, you will get ZERO and your work will be empty.

Other MLM companies will even require that you do any difficult job of selling their products, that is those who are into food supplements and other natural health care products.

It looks like Happy World Meal gate does not ask you to sell anything at all and I think it a plus for their members.

So, as you can see from the pyramid above when you register, you’re the one on top as the first person of the pyramid and then the legs under you are the people you will have a recruit to join you as your down-lines.

These will also have to do the same work as you did – otherwise both you and them will not get any benefit from the program – will mean failure.

So after completing the first stage – that is bringing all the 6 people if they are all able to pay their $32 – you’ve rewarded a bonus of $6.4 each from each person’s registration.

So all the 6 will be 6 x $6.4 which will give you $38.4 as your level bonus. But this first bonus is given you in the form of a food package. Not money.

After completing the farm stage the next stage is called that Green Garden Stage – at this point, you’re required to have 14 people under you, so if your down-lines are able to work then you will benefit from them

But if they are not able,l you will have to work at doing this recruiting job all yourself to be able to get these bonuses.


So you can see above, this is the green garden stage – where you will need 14 individuals under you as your down-lines so you can continue to enjoy more bonuses from Happy World Meal gate.

At this stage – if you’re are able complete the stage, yo will stand the chance of receiving an amount totaling $224. So it is going to be 14 x $16 = $224 as your referral bonus.

Then afterward, the next stage is the Great Garden Stage and then you move on to the  Golden Stage another stage is also known as the Famous Stage and then finally the Food bank stage.

So as you saw, like all MLM companies you could stand the chance of getting a lot of bonuses in the form of food and money. According to them your bonuses are 40% food and 60% money or cash.

However, as I clearly explain, this does not come without putting in any effort and to tell you the truth – succeeding in programs like this is very difficult. It a huge task.


So Who Is This Program For?

Well, I will not recommend this program to you if you’re not skilful in convincing others to use their hard earn money into investing in MLM programs such as Happy World Meal gate.

If you cannot recruit people then you better not sign up at all, else you will waste your money, precious time and effort for nothing.

On the other hand, if you think you’re very good at recruiting and marketing then you can try this program to see how things turn out.

At this stage, I’m very sure that I have answered all your questions about happy World Meal gate. However, if you have any question or comment about this post. Just feel FREE to leave it below.

now if you’re asked, What is Happy World Meal Gate, I’m sure there is no doubt you will be able to give the answer to this question.




Wising you all the best,



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