What is Igalen? Is It Worth Your Effort And Money?


So, if you were asked, What is Igalen? What would have been your answer? Is Igalen Worth your Effort? Well, in this review, I will take you through a step by step overview and a thorough explanation of what Igalen is all about and as to whether it is worth your effort and money.


Overview of iGalen

Product name: iGalen International

Website: www.igalen.com

Price: No info

Owners: Chan Heng Fai (Chairman), and Rajen M, PhD (CEO)

My rating: 3.8 out 10

My Verdict: Although iGalen is not a scam , I will not recommend it to you either, especially if you’re here because of their business opportunity. And  I will explain to  you why I don’t recommend any MLM program’s business opportunity.


In this review, as I said, I will take you trough all that you need to know about iGalen as to whether it is worth your effort and money or not.


So, What is iGalen?

Well, iGalen, one of the MLM programs out there is said to take its name from Claudius Galen, who was the greatest physician of ancient Rome. It is said that whiles ‘Hippocrates’ laid the foundation of Greek Medicine, Galen further developed its theory and practice, and carried Greco-Roman medicine to its peak.  iGalen was established on January 30th, 2017.

So basically iGalen says that this ancient physician, – Galen’s  contributions to the understanding of the human body fueled their passion to provide the very best products they can, so others can benefit  live the life they choose.

Quoting directly from their website, this what iGalen has to say, “With our flagship product Emulin+, our goal is to continue unveiling products engineered by nature. Products we will not just promote, but will also personally consume. Products we will stand firmly behind and gladly share with our loved ones. We believe firmly in what we do and how we do it”.

Like all other MLM companies, iGalen claim to live up to their commitments and build relationships of trust based on a single, yet profound word: Integrity. However, I personally call all these a hype. All MLM programs are known for hyping especially when it comes to their products and their business opportunities.

Yes, all MLM programs iGalen make promises which they fail to deliver even half of it, and that is why program to anyone who is really interested in building a successful business that will yield for him or her some regular income.

Now let take a closer look at some of iGalen’s products and what they claim it can do for you


Products Released by iGalen

Unlike many Multi-level marketing companies out there with numerous products, iGalen has some few products because this company was established not long ago.

And yet, just like all MLM programs, iGalen makes exaggerated remarks about their Emulin+ a being the World’s 1st – #1 Patented and Naturally Carb Manager.

That is one thing I do not like about MLM programs, they overly hype their products, some even claim that their health care products can cure almost every sickness or disease. Which is never true. What do you think?

One of iGalen’s health care products which they are so proud of and hype very well is their Emulin+ . They claim that this products can do wonders to help improve your health and body condition.


The  Emulin+ and It’s Benefits 

The  Emulin+ produced by iGalen is said to be created by  Dr. Joseph Ahrens, who was a former director of research for Florida Department of Citrus. He was able to identify three (3) phytochemicals which they named Emulin® at various key enzymatic control points that affect carbohydrates digestion, storage and metabolism.

According to iGalen, these vital compound have been left out in our modern day diet, as most our food today are processed and refined.

In addition, they also say that  the three actives of Emulin®+  work together to protect your body and manage the ill effects of any excess carbs consumed.

Also, the Emulin+, is said the fight against Inflammation and Refined Carbohydrate. But what do these two terms mean? Well, let me explain.


For detailed explanation of the Emulin+ and how it works, I recommend you watch the video below which is coming direct from Dr. Ahrens, who works with iGalen International.




The Two Types of Emulin+

iGalen has two (2) types of these Emulin+ and they say each one has got it own health benefits. And they are the popularly known as ‘the two solutions’. One is known as the Controller and the other is called Manager. 


The Controller: Base on my research, Emulin+ Controller version is good and recommended for individuals with blood sugar issues as the combination is based on trials done with diabetic patients. (120 capsules / BV 40)


The Manager: Also according to iGalen International,  the Manager version is meant for the rest of us who want to minimize the effects of refined carbohydrates in our bodies. (120 capsules / BV 40)


The Two Solutions

Now, you can have a look at the two solutions I’m talking about and their respective health benefits as claimed by iGalen.


  The Controller = $79.95 USD
    The Manager = $79.95 USD












iGalen’s Business Opportunity

Upon my research, I realized that, iGalen has six (6) ways through which their members can get paid, I mean their means of compensating their members on-board. So like any other MLM program, iGalen also uses a Pyramid Scheme Compensation Plan to help their members get paid.


Six Ways To Get Paid

Below are the six (6) ways through which iGalen says their members can get paid through their compensation plan and business opportunity.


  • Retail Profit (Up to 35%)

The retail profit is the first level, and at this level, iGalen claims that you can earn up to 35% by purchasing their products at wholesale price and selling them at a retail price.

And here is their compensation formula for this level;

Your Retail Price – Your Wholesale Cost = Your Profit.

  • 2) Fast Start Bonus (Up to 30%)

According to iGalen’s compensation plan, the Fast Start Bonus pays you immediate income on the initial order of the people you bring on-board into your iGalen business and is a great way to get your business up and running.


  • 3) Team Commission (Up to 12.5%)

At this point, your commission is calculated from your placement tree, which is made up two legs; one on the left, and one on the right. So in this case, you will receive your compensation based on your being able to successfully build your own two legs

Also, your Sponsor or up-line may decide to place people in your group or down-line, and these people will count toward your team commissions and rank qualification.


  • 4) Leadership Matching Bonus

According to iGalen, you earn a Matching Bonus based on a percentage of Team Commissions from people that you personally sponsor up to 5 levels.



  • 5) Leadership Bonus Pool

 Also, at this level, iGalen claims that only members ranking Ruby or above qualify for Leadership Bonus. Number of levels and percentages override are based on the ranking of the member. Please see qualification chart to learn about ranks.


  • 6) Lifestyle Bonus

This is the final level of the compensation plan, and at this level, iGalen claims that you stand the chance of getting some incredible Lifestyle Bonuses.

Starting with the rank of Ruby, you will qualify to receive a monthly lifestyle bonus which can be used towards a new car payment or other luxury expenses. As shown below.




So, Do I Recommend iGalen’s Business Opportunity?

Well, as I told you earlier, I do not recommend any MLM program’s business opportunity to anyone, especially if you’re here because you want to make some money from iGalen’s compensation plan. And let me give you a list of six (6) solid reasons why I do not recommend any MLM program’s business opportunity to any of my visitors.



Six Solid Reasons Why I do Not Recommend any MLM Program

Here is my six solid reasons why I will never recommend any MLM program to you. But before we start, I recommend you watch the video below from an expect in ONLINE marketing who will explain to you why it will not make sense to sign up for any MLM program.


  • 1) About 90% of all MLM Members Fail: An  estimate conducted shows that, over 90% of all who sign up to join MLM programs with the intention of getting some money do fail. So looking at this estimate, what is the possibility that you even succeed with iGalen. 


  • 2) iGalen is Not Free to Start: Unlike Affiliate Programs which you can start for free all MLM programs require that you pay some amount of money to be able to start. So if you sign up and and you end up being a failure, you have lost your precious money. And there is no guarantee of you getting your money back.


  • 3) They Overly Hype their Products: Yes, as you clearly saw in the snapshot above which I took  from iGalen’s website, all MLM programs claim to have #1 products and iGalen is not exceptional. They all try to hype their products, making exaggerated remarks about their their products all so they could convince people to buy them. the most said part is that, people sometimes purchase these products and then end up totally disappointed sometimes even developing some side effect after taking such so called health care products.


  • 4) You’re are Required to Recruit Other People: As part of their compensation plan, all MLM programs require that you recruit other people to join you in the program as your down-lines. If you cannot do this then close your mind of any idea of getting money from MLM programs. And to be frank with you, recruiting people to join you in any MLM program is not an easy job at all, not even the most Legitimate MLM program will you find this easy.. Some even end up trying to recruit their own family members and friends which sometimes leads to loss of friendships and many other problems.


  • 5)Their Products are too Expensive: Yes, this also another big problem among all MLM companies that especially makes it difficult for their members who have signed up with the dream of making some money fail. As a result of their overly expensive products, this makes it difficult for any who is has signed up to be able to sell their products.
  • So, you must be a very skillful marketer to be able to sell any MLM products. Else, you will not be able to make any sales at all and without sales, keep in mind that you will not earn anything at all.


  • 6) Finally, Only on top of the Pyramid Succeed: This is another true fact that you should never doubt about all MLM business opportunities and that why out of 100% only about 10% will succeed in all MLM business opportunities. So when you sign up for any MLM company, you’re actually working for your so called up-liners, that is those who signed you up or those on top of you.
  • So what is the guarantee that you will succeed, the possibility that you will fail is very high, there is no guarantee to your success with any MLM program out there, out of the many, only few succeed. many have lost their precious money which they invested into these MLM companies with much regret.


So What Do I Recommend then?

My recommendation is not about any MLM program, but rather the best ONLINE business you can rely on. I mean affiliate marketing. And with this, there are far better online platforms out there with very good reputation which allows you to join for free. Yes, I mean FREE, NO Credit Card required.

And one of such platforms where you can join for free is Wealthy Affiliate. It is My #1 recommendation to anyone who really is interested in making a successful and re;liable income online.


So,  if you are really interested in build your own successful business ONLINE that will Yield for you Some Good and regular income which you can really on, I recommend you check a Comparison I made between Zija International and  my #1 Recommendation for you.



So as you can see above, Wealthy Affiliate is by far better than any MLM program out there. They have a step by step video training that allows you to learn how to build a successful business online while at your own comfort home, which will bring you the income you are looking forward to.

In addition to their training, what I even love most is their 24/7 Live Chat which gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get help from expect within the community.


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About the Author



I’m Stephen, the founder of Jobs Online-Stephen.com. If you have have read my “About Me Page”, you will understand that  my goal is to help others succeed online as I’m doing, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your online business




My best wishes,


iGalen International











  • Compensation Plan
  • Igalen is Not a Scam


  • You Cannot Sign Up For Free
  • Hyped Products
  • Confused Compensation Plan
  • Over 90% MLM's Fail
  • You May Loss All Your Money

2 thoughts on “What is Igalen? Is It Worth Your Effort And Money?”

  1. Hello Stephen.

    I’m also not interested in MLM. I joined a few companies, a few years back and I wasted a lot of money. But, I joined through offline. Nothing through online and I’m grateful for that.

    The problem I experience with MLM is that, your introducer, who immediately becomes your upline and is supposed to help you out, is a beginner at being a leader. Things don’t always work out when you have a bad leader.

    And also all the previous MLM companies I joined, closed down a few years after that.

    By the way, thank you Stephen for the effort of putting this review together.

    1. I’m glad to hear your comment too Izuddin, I have always made my argument clear to all my readers about my opinion when it comes to MLM programs. And I will never recommend any MLM program to anyone who really is interested in making money online.

      I mean looking at the estimate above, the fact that over 90% of all MLM members fail is a sign that MLM is not a good business to invest your money into. Moreover, you’re never allowed to try any MLM business opportunity for free, at least you will have to buy one of their expensive products to be able to start and that requires that that you use your money. SO if you fail to succeed, your money is gone forever.l

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience too on this review, at least people will read and get the sense of what I mean.

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