What is Money Sucking Website Scam? Is It Legit?

So What is Money Sucking Website? Is Its a Scam or a legitimate program? Perhaps You’re here because You have heard about this program and You want to know whether it is something legitimate or one of the scams out there.

If that is Your concern, then I want to assure You that You’re at the right place. And You’re commended for doing Your due diligence research on this program before accepting their offer.


So whose money is going to be sucked? Mine or Yours? Well, let’s find out now.

Overview Of Money Sucking SystemA REAL Scam To Avoid

Product: Money Sucking Website System

Founder: Cannot found 

Sign Up Price: $47 +

Website: www.mswsystem.com

My Rating: 3 out of 10

Verdict: Scam-Beware..!




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Now Let’s Dig Deeper Into this Money Sucking Website System review. 


Let me explain why I said this program is a scam..!


Is Money Sucking System A Scam?

Yes! Why? Well,  Money Sucking website system claims that You just have to pay Your hard earned $47 to them and then with just a push or click of a button You can make $500 a day by just watching some videos.

So simple, isn’t it? You can make $500 a day without having to do any hard work. Can You just imagine that? I mean where on this earth can such a thing happen in this modern world of internet marketing.

I’m sure You will agree with me that even those who work all their ass by putting in all their effort do not just come by such an amount of making $500 a day.


NOTE:  If You’re here looking for a way to make money online, I will have to let You know “The Simple Truth”. The truth is that there is Nothing Legit out there like get-rich-quick-scheme.


If You REALLY want to see real result of making some money online, then You have to put in some effort to achieve Your dreams or You desired result.

This also requires that You get a Legitimate Program that has the Best Training & Tools You Need to Succeed. One that Allows You to try it for FREE..!


See Other Reasons Why Money Sucking System Is A REAL Scam

When You visit their website, You will go through two introductory videos and yet after watching these videos, Money Sucking System will still not reveal what You’re going to be doing to make this $500 a day.

Beware Of Scams. This Is a REAL Danger


Any offer that promises to make You money quickly but then refuses to reveal what work you will be doing to make You the money they are promising You is a REAL Danger. It is one of the  RED FLAGS.


Also, if the offer is a legitimate one, why is the REAL owner not revealing himself, but hiding. Not even showing his name to the public. This is a REAL DAnger to avoid.

From my personal experience in internet marketing and the online world as a whole, You can’t just tell me I will have to watch 4 videos and then just click a button and money will start flowing into my bank account.

Where on earth can such an easy money be made? So this is just one of the scams out there.

And once they get more negative reviews like this one all they will do is to shut down this website and then rebrand it to another scamming offer.

Until that one also get more negative reviews like this one and they will continue repeating the same circle over and over.


Sad to say that before more people get to know that this is a REAL Scam,Watch Out For Scams Out there they might have duped or con a lot of people for their hard earned $47. So Beware of Scammers & their Schemes.

But until they stop, we will also keep exposing them of their dubious means of getting innocent people’s money.



Now Have A Look At Some FakeTestimonials Below

Not ONLY is Money Sucking System telling You that You will make $500 a day by just watching videos, but also, they have gone ahead to add fake testimonials on their website just to entice the unwary.


You Can Now have a look at some of their fake testimonials below.


Fake Result #1

So as I have said, there is NO system out there on the internet that can pour money into Your pocket or bank account without You having to do any hard work. It doesn’t work that way..! 

It takes REAL effort to achieve Your monetary goals. If You ask the gurus in internet marketing, they will tell You this simple but profound truth.


“You Have To Work For It..!” It doesn’t come by chance.


Right from the beginning, they will make You feel that these sites they have will suck money out of the internet to pour into your bank account but only $500 a day so you don’t raise any suspicion, which is still quite a lot of money.



                              Don’t Believe this, Its Scam

Can You just imagine? From $500 a day to $16K in just two weeks, I mean where on earth will You get this result without any hard work.


Fake Testimonial #2

All their testimonials are also fake, look at this woman claiming to have made $3,759 which is a total lie.

This woman works as a Freelancer on Fiverr and You can hire them to give fake testimonials of offers that do not REALLY work.


See a proof of her profile on Fiverr Below



They do this so they can be paid $5 or $10 for telling lies about an offer that is a REAL scam.



Fake Testimonial #3

This person also works on Fiverr as a Freelancer who gets paid for such an offer. He must learn to be honest.


See another proof of this guy’s Fiverr profile Below.



You see, these scammers are doing these things because most people are so lazy that they don’t want to put in an effort to see the REAL result.

When You recommend the Best & Most Legitimate Program to them, they don’t want to accept such an offer because want an easy & a get-rich-quick money.


So scammers will continue to get such people because although they want money, they are not ready to do the work that will bring them the money.

Don't Fall For these scams


Final Verdict On My Sucking System

So looking at all these information about Money Sucking System, what do You think? Is Money Sucking System a Scam? Or a Legit Program? As for me, based on my personal experience, this is a REAL Scam.

There is no system out there that works wonders for You without You doing any hard work. 

So, for “Money Sucking System’ to claims You can make $500 a day by just watching videos, plus their fake testimonials, there is Nothing left for me to say than to conclude that this is a REAL scam.

Yes, a scam that You should stay away from. Otherwise, Your money is the one going to be sucked, instead of theirs..!


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Do You have a personal experience with this program, let us know by leaving Your comments below. Also, Your questions and feedbacks are warmly WELCOMED!


My best wishes,




Money Sucking Website System











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  • It's A REAL Scam
  • They Will Suck your $47 for FREE
  • Owner Is Hidden
  • Fake Testimonials
  • You Can't Start For FREE

6 thoughts on “What is Money Sucking Website Scam? Is It Legit?”

  1. Thank you for exposing these fakers. People need to be aware of these schemes, and if anyone is looking for an opportunity online, with the information that you have shared, they will now think twice before joining this program.

    By the name of the program alone, I scares away a lot of people including me. “Money sucking”, can sometimes mean, “Oh this business is going to suck may money.”

    1. Thanks for Your comment, Gomer, 

      We will keep doing  our job of exposing these scammers, until they are NO more. As long as they continue to scheme about taking innocent people’s money, we will also not give up in exposing them of their lies.

      People who are smart will always do their diligent research before signing up search an offer. Any one hasty will surely fall prey to these scammers. 

      So, of course, we will do our review, but it is also up to these individuals to do their research before signing up for an offer that does not REALLY work.

      Thanks for passing by,


  2. When you mentioned the owner not sowing himself or telling us his name, it was one thing. But then, you showed us proof that all these testimonials are hired actors from FIVERR!

    How can these people even sleep at night knowing that they are conning people and helping these scammers fill their pockets? I get so upset at this!

    1. Hi  Reyhana,

      Thanks for Your comment, indeed these folks from Fiverr themselves are REAL scammers together with the owner of this website who claims he can help people make $500 in just some few days without doing any hard work.

      But as I said, we also keep on exposing them of their scams until they stop their scamming activities.

      Wishing You all the best,


  3. Hey, Steven, I’m glad you wrote an article on this. To be honest I myself has fallen prey to these money sucking systems a few times before. I really didn’t know better and I really had a desire to start an online business. Thank God I found a great opportunity that works for me now. Sad to say it didn’t come easy, learning my lesson was expensive. Even in my regrets to those “get rich schemes”, if I hadn’t been searching or if I have given up online totally I wouldn’t have found this amazing community that I’m now apart of. So everything works out for a good.

    1. Hi Kerny,

      I’m sorry You fell victim to this scamming program. On the other hand I’m glad You never  gave up because that has helped You to discover something that REALLY works for You. The internet today although useful, is full of these scammers who are always looking for an opportunity to scam the unwary.

      These scammers are so clever that they will go all the way to do everything possible to get people who no NOTHING about legit programs to fall prey to their schemes. And we will also continue to expose them of their scamming activities until they stop.

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