What is My daily Choice? Is It a Scam Or Worth Your Money?



Overview of My Daily Choice

Product: My Daily Choice

Owners: Josh Zwagil (CEO) and Jenna Zwagil – Co-founder

Affiliate Pricing: $69  (Pre-Enroll Here)  ⇐

Website: www.mydailychoice.com

My Rating: 9.7 out of 10


So What is Mt Daily Choice All About?

Well, My Daily Choice is a  legitimate direct selling company who are into the production of nutritional healthcare products. According to My Daily Choice, as you grow older, your body tends to slow down. You may feel sluggish in the morning or you may feel a lack of desire to go to the gym.

And a lack of nutrition and energy can cause a variety of health issues. So they are bringing to you the right ingredients and delivery system to give you more energy and proper nutrition for your body.


Now available in over 150 countries, My Daily Choice has the goal of helping change the lives of thousands of individuals or families across the globe with good health, life-changing income, and freedom by empowering people with smart daily choices.


Unlike other MLM companies, My Daily Choice is not just one product company, one industry, or even one ingredient, rather, MDC ascends into the top industries in the world with the most unique combination of products and services to dominate the marketplace.


YES! … and that is why you see the two combinations of names and two different products used consistently in this review. Both My Daily Choice & HmepWorx are two companies combined as one. So, in a nutshell, both MDC and HempWorx are one company.



MDC/HempWorx Life-Changing Products

With over 100,000+ satisfied affiliates and customers, MDC pride themselves on bringing the highest quality products to the Network Marketing industry. 


But how? You may have thought!


Well, MDC is 100% committed to staying on the cutting edge of science and nutrition technology with their Life-Changing products. Using the most purest and natural ingredients, to their world-class manufacturing facilities, to unique formulations, MDC products stand out clearly as one of the best out there you can get in the market when it comes to health, wellness, and nutrition.


MDC/HempWorx Life-Changing Products

Before we continue to dig deeper into this company and its business opportunity, let’s have a brief look at their different products lines. Below you will see some of the various unique products that HempWorx/MDC offers you.

NB: Products are from these two combined companies:

HempWorx ProductsHempWorx Products

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Pet Oils
  • CBD Infused Dog Treats
  • CBD creams for Anti-Aging and Pain Relief
  • Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells
  • 750mg of active CBD
  • 500mg of active CBD
  • 150mg of Hemp-Derived CBD Per Box (5mg per cup)



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My Daily Choice ProductsMy Daily Choice Products

  • Three Delicious Flavors – Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mocha
  • Weight Loss Spray with Garcinia Cambogia
  • Natural Energy Spray with Vitamin B12
  • Alkalinity Spray with Coral Calcium
  • Deer Antler Velvet and Superfruits
  • Sleep Spray with Melatonin and Valerian Root
  • Brain Spray with Cognizin and Sensoril



⇒  You Can Order MDC Sprays Here  ↵



Here Are Some Recommended Products To Check Out

Below you will discover some of HempWorx best selling products that have proved to be very helpful to customers:


1. The HempWorx Present CBD Infused Coffee

Listed here are the  nutritional values of the Hemp Worx CBD Infused Coffee:

CBD/Hemp Coffee Infused

  • 150mg of Hemp-Derived CBD Per Box (5mg per cup)
  • Organic Medium Roast Arabic Coffee Beans
  • Gluten Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Non-GMO
  • Very affordable – As little as $2.30 per cup!
  • With Zero THC





2. The Keto Coffee CreamerThe Keto Coffee Creamer

Below are the various nutritious ingredients and features that make the Keto Coffee Creamer so special:

  • Three Delicious Flavors – Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mocha
  • 75mg of Hemp-Derived CBD Per Box (5mg per cup)
  • Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-Dairy, Cruelty-Free, and Sugar-Free
  • It has Zero THC




3. The HempWorx Dog Treats

Below are the various ingredients of the HempWorx Dog Treat & why many people are buying this particular product:HempWorx Dog Treats

  • HempWorx Dog Treats with 2.5mg of CBD per cookie
  • It’s 100% Natural
  • It’s wheat free, soy free, corn free
  • Veterinarian formulated
  • Made in the USA





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So, What Is CBD?

Perhaps, you may have wondered what CBD is all about after coming across it as part of the product lines of HempWorx. Well, let’s us explain things to you.

CBD, (also known as Cannabidiol), is one of over 85 Cannabinoid chemicals in the hemp plant. However, CBD, unlike THC does not produce euphoria or any form of intoxication. Also, CBD is becoming increasingly popular in the world for it full scope of benefits – due to clinical reports and test data showing little to no side effects and a lack of psychoactivity (typically associated with marijuana products and high THC).


NOTE: To put simply, the CBD derived from Hemp is far different from the one sourced from Marijuana. This is because the CBD produced from Hemp has a very low level or NO THC, the component in Marijuana that is responsible for making people feel high.


In effect, using any of HempWorx’s CBD products which are 100% natural Hemp products will have NO psychoactive effect on you. What we simply mean is that you’re not going to feel high for using any of HempWorx’s CBD products.


Some Health Benefits Of Using CBD/Hemp Oil

The list below shows some of the health benefits of the HempWorx Hemp Oil. The good news is that these products have proved to be very useful and helpful to so many people in terms of their health. 

Some Health benefits of the Hemp Oil Include:CBD/Hemp Oil Health Benefits


  • Some people have found that Hemp helps them relieve pain instantly.
  • Others say that Hemp has helped them fight against their chronic Arthritis
  • A report shows that Hemp Oil has helped others reduce anxiety.
  • Some people have found that Hemp helps them lose weight.
  • It may promote a healthy energy level.
  • Experiences show that Hemp may also aid in digestion.
  • Others have found that it helps to remove wrinkles & prevents future formation.
  • Hemp may help retain moisture & promotes ultimate rejuvenation.
  • Some also feel that it makes them look younger (Anti-Aging)
  • Some people have found that Hemp helps their increase potency.
  • Some people have found it helpful in fighting their cancer.
  • It may help boost your skin’s hydration and suppleness.
  • Some people have found that it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles for more youthful skin.
  • Other have found that hemp helps them suppress ailment such as nausea & muscle spasms.
  • Some people have found that Hemp has helped them experience good sleep habits.
  • Experience from other Hemp users also shows that it may help to fight insomnia.
  • It may support optimal immune function & regeneration of healthy cells.
  • Hemp Oil may help promotes a sense of serenity and overall & overall well being.
  • Other users say Hemp stimulates natural hair growth.



Wants Some Success Stories About Using HempWorx/MDC Products?

I got some 3 stories from REAL users of these products, their stories to share with you. But for some reasons, I was told not to mention their real names. So names have been changed in this article.


  1. Vick who used to experience seizure frequently has now had her seizure kept under control because of using  CBD Hemp Oil.
  2. Also, Craig, whose dog had some health challenges is now doing so much better because of the CBD dog treats
  3. Scott, who hadn’t slept a full night in almost 4 years… after using the sleep spray the first night he slept!


Now that we have an overview of the product lines of MDC/HempWorx, let’s now have a look at the unique and most lucrative business opportunity presented by this company and why you should not miss out!



HempWorx/MDC’s Unique Business OpportunityWith My Daily Choice, Success Is A Choice!

Often times, when people want to create financial freedom, they are restricted by many things such as bills, expenses, skillset, time, and opportunities. However, when you become an affiliate of MDC, “Success becomes a Choice.”


MDC pride themselves as the top MLM  lucrative business offer. Why? Because they have really effective tools, marketing systems, websites, and support.


It is chocked full of training and testimony.



What makes the business opportunity of MDC so special is that they have a dynamic business opportunity in place, powered by a lucrative compensation plan. In fact, MDC is among the few MLM companies that are 100% debt FREE!


My Daily Choice/HempWorx Affiliate Program

As we have discussed in this review, MDC provides revolutionary online marketing systems and state-of-the-art success tools to give our Affiliates every opportunity to succeed in the business. 


Being so generous and recognizing the hard work of their affiliates, MDC reward those efforts by paying a whopping 85% of the total Business Volume (BV) through their unique Affiliate Rewards Program. 


To become an affiliate of MDC, there are affordable pricing options to choose from. You have the option to select any of the MDC products with packages that range from $39 – $599 depending on your product choice. 



Becoming A Retail Customer of MDC

Did you know that an affiliate or a retail customer of MDC, you have the privilege of buying from any of their industry-leading products at wholesale member pricing, which is up to 25% off of their suggested retail price? 


What this simply means is that, when you retail a product pack, you will earn the difference between the wholesale member price and the retail price. 



Preferred Customer Loyalty Program

As an affiliate of MDC, you can decide to enroll preferred customers who will be purchasing MDC’s products at wholesale pricing. in this case, their BV goes into the Jump Start where you will earn Jump Start Bonuses. 


The Most Amazing Compensation Plan!

Without the need to bombard you with so many words, I recommend you watch the amazing compensation plan video of HempWorx/MDC yourself to see the unique and the best business opportunity this company present to you.


This comp plan of My Daily Choice is just amazing to see! With the opportunity of even getting a car as a bonus reward for your hard work.


Want to take a tour Yourself?…👇👇


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The Good News? We Have the Best Mentor!Bo The Greatest Mentor, Is Our Coach

What even makes our team so special is the fact that we have Bo Tipton, a member and a mentor at Wealthy Affiliate as our coach. Bo is a very successful man and with him in our team, he guides us on every single step of the way.

You’re also welcome to join this huge opportunity & potential yourself. If you’re interested, don’t keep too long as your spot could be taken. So you can give you one of the TOP SPOT on our team before they are all taking. Every single day people keep joining our team.



MDC’s Binary Team Commissions 

My Daily Choice’s Binary Commission is one of the most aggressive Binary plans in the entire Network Marketing industry. Not only does the comp plan pay up to 20% on your pay leg, but also, MDC is one of the only companies in the world that has a monthly earning potential of $1,000,000 per month with NO FLUSHING! 


How To Qualify For Binary Team Commissions

Well, You can qualify for Binary Team Commissions by purchasing a Builder Pack monthly or having a minimum of 40BV. You must have a combined personal volume on your left leg and right leg of 90BV.


For instance, you would need 90BV on your left leg, and 90BV on your right leg to fulfill the combined 90BV requirement. At the end of the month, if your lesser leg has a minimum of 300BV, you get paid for the Binary Team Commission.


Also, anytime you personally enroll three (3) customers, you get some free products as a bonus from MDC. And there is NO limit to how many customers you can enroll.


MDC’s VIP Auto Club – Paid Monthly

As part of their comp plan rewards, HempWorx/MDC has some aggressive VIP Auto Club as a monthly reward to their supper affiliate, making it possible for you to drive away in the car of your dreams! The MDC VIP Auto Club


So, are you thinking of a dream car you want to buy? Well, if so, then look no further – the MDC VIP Auto Club will make your dream car become a reality! When you qualify for the VIP Auto Club, MDC sends you branding materials to put on your vehicle, and they pay the bill for you! 



If I want to continue to talk about the amazing opportunities & features you get as an affiliate of MDC/HempWorx, I wouldn’t finish today. 

Here Is a Final Secret & the Breaking News I Want You To Know!…👇


MDC’s “Done For You(DFY) Marketing System!”

With MDC, the hard part of Network Marketing is covered, using their done for you marketing system!


YES, MDC has put an Auto Rotator system in place that does some of the work for You. So Before you can even enroll some customers yourself as your personal enrollees, MDC has a Done For You Marketing System that put new affiliate and customers under you, who are real customers you benefit from. And this is done using MDC’s AutoResponder Technology System without your effort.


I just signed up yesterday. Personally, even though I haven’t enrolled anyone yet. I currently have 41 Pre-Enrollees, 4 Active Affiliates, and 3  Active Customers. This is just awesome!


Also, Ariel, my upline just signed up a day before I did and just within two days she made $200. So you can see the potential this opportunity has to offer everyone.


Besides that, MDC has some technology system in place, that really makes it easier for you to succeed in thisMDC's Cloud Technology Makes It Easier For You To Recruit business. In fact, the features are just many, I can’t talk about all here.


NOTE: Did You Know? MDC allows you to sign up as a Pre-Enrollee without making any payment yet, just so you can take a tour of their awesome dashboard, the business opportunities and all the beautiful things they have put in place just for YOU!





So, what are You Waiting For? Become a Pre-Enrollee now and start “Your Tour” of the awesome business opportunity here now!👇👇


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My Final Verdict

With all the amazing features and benefits of MDC, there is NOTHING to add more than to say HempWorx/My daily Choice is a very Legitimate program.


My Verdict?   Legit!

Is HempWorx A Scam? NO, Its a LEGIT Opportunity







If You have any comments, feedback, or questions about this HempWorx/MDC review, they are warmly WELCOMED Here.


With My Daily Choice, “Success Is A Choice!” 




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