What is Nerium International About? Is It Legit or Worth Your Money

Overview of Nerium International

Product name: Nerium International

Website: www.nerium.com

Price: No info

Founder: Jeff Olson

My rating: 3 out of 10

My Verdict: I need to be Frank with you, Nerium International is not a SCAM, however, I don’t recommend this program to you, neither to anyone, especially if you’re here because of their business opportunity.



What is Nerium International About?

So. looking at the overview above if you were asked, What is Nerium International About? What will be your answer, will say Its Legit or Worth Your Money? Well in this review, I will reveal to you all that you need to know about Nerium International.

Based on my research, Nerium International is one of the legitimate MLM companies out there founded by Jeff Olson, who produces age fighting products, skin care and wellness.

Nerium International claims that their age fighting products are designed to provide exceptional result.

In Addition to that, they also claim to have transformed the anti-aging industry with their  streamlined product, thereby offering what is clinically tested to deliver proven results.

To add to that, Nerium also says that, they focus on cutting through the clutter of age-fighting options to bring you skincare products  that are multi-functional and novel nutritionals which addresses all your age-fighting needs, so you can look better, feel better and live better.



Some Claims of Nerium International

Nerium International as I said earlier is not a SCAM, but rather a very legitimate MLM program out there. On the other hand, there some things I do not agree with them and not ONLY but all MLM programs.

They all seem to be overly exaggerating about their health care and beauty products, claiming their products can deliver what in  reality  isn’t the truth.

For instance notice some claims below from Nerium International about what their products can do for you: Nerium claims that their  “best-in-class, advanced age-fighting products are”:

  • Specially designed to deliver exceptional, visible results
  • Capable of  to fitting into even the busiest lifestyle
  • Made with exclusive ingredients developed through the synergy of nature and science
  • Easy to use and multi-functional to address many different signs of aging at the same time


Pros of Nerium International

  • As I have said, Nerium International is Very Legitimate
  • Compensation Plan Available
  • Nerium has a lot of products


Cons of Nerium International

  • Nerium International is not FREE to join
  • Requires direct face – to – face selling skills
  • Products are too expensive to sell to others
  • Like all MLM programs, You’re required to recruit other members to join Nerium International
  • Estimate shows that about 90% of all MLM business opportunist fail to succeed.
  • NO  guarantee of getting your money back if you fail to succeed with Nerium International
  • False Claims  about Exaggerated  health benefits of their products
  • Only those at the top of the Pyramid have the chance to Succeed with all MLM programs



Of course, Nerium International is Not a scam. However, as I said earlier,  I can’t  recommend it either due to many you will learn from this review. If you are looking for a genuine money making program, let me help you discover My #1 recommended program called Wealthy Affiliate, founded by two Canadians called ‘Kyle’ and ‘Carson’ I’ve been a member for quite sometime now. The Good news is that, It’ FREE to join. No credit card required.



Nerium International’s Products

Nerium International seem to have some numerous products like other MLM programs I know. And  as is true of all MLM programs Nerium International also seem to be overly boasting about the effectiveness of their products.

We are ONLY hopping that it will be the truth even as they claim to be. So now let take a closer look at some of Nerium’s Anti-aging, wellness and  skin care products and what they claim it can do for you.


Skin Care Products

Below are some of Nerium Internationals Skin Care products and their respective prices:


Firming Body Contour Cream (NeriumAD® Formula)
Price= ($120 value)
IllumaBoost™ Brightening & Shield
Price= ($80 value)
Double-Cleansing Botanical Face Wash
Price= ($40 value)




Age-Defying Day Cream (NeriumAD® Formula)
Price= ($100 value)
Age-Defying Night Cream (NeriumAD® Formula)
Price= ($120 value)
Night Cream & Day Cream Combo Pack (NeriumAD® Formula)
Price= ($190 value)



















Wellness Products

EHT® Brain Formula
Price= ($80 value)
Youth Factor™ Complete Vitality Complex
Price= ($60 value)
Youth Factor™ Superfood & Antioxidant Boost Powder
Price= ($60 value)
Youth Factor™ Combo Pack,
Price= ($120 value)










So as you can see clearly above, Nerium International seem to have some good looking skin care and wellness products, but as to how effective these products are, unless a real user who can give a proper testimony about it.

I have not used any of these products before. But you need to keep in mind that, these are skin care products and wellness, and so how it may work well for someone wouldn’t be the same experience for you.

And this very true because we all have different skin and how our body respond to a particular treatment. So if any of these skin care products worked well for someone, it doesn’t mean that it will do the same for you.

Yes, it may work well for someone, but it may not do the same for you. and you should keep this simple but profound truth in mind.


Nerium International’s Business Opportunity

When it comes to their business opportunities, Nerium makes this bold claim; “There’s a new way of doing things. A movement. And Nerium is leading the way”. Yes, they claim to be the leading way and I’m not surprise because all MLM programs do the same.

Adding to that, Nerium also says your dream life can become a reality. And that you can earn without limits and collect fantastic rewards as a Nerium Brand Partner.

Nerium International says they provide you with  flexible earning opportunities, which gives you the freedom to work for yourself, receive incredible training and support and, most importantly, earn recurring income.

So in short, Nerium says they can help you leave a better life with the support of their business opportunity. Now see some details of what their business opportunity has to offer you.


But before we even move on, I recommend you watch the video below to see for yourself a full video that explains all that you need to know about Nerium’s Compensation Plan.

Watch this Video

Customer Base Commission

With type of their compensation Plan, Nerium says you earn commissions and bonuses when you acquire new customers, and earn ongoing commissions for their repeated orders of Nerium’s products.

Get Free Products

Also Nerium says you can earn free products rewards as you build a customer base and help build your team to grow their business.

Earn Commission for Building Your Team

According Nerium International, you can earn additional commissions as you add people to your team by recruiting and building your down-lines and they build their customer base. Lifestyle-changing income can take off when your earnings reflect not only the results of your own efforts, but the success of others on your team as well.


So, at this point what do you think, if you’re asked, What is Nerium International? How will you answer? Will you say its a Scam? or Worth your money and Effort? Well, as you have read from this post, Nerium International is not a Scam, but I can recommend it to you for business due to the drawbacks you have learned about in this post.


If you ever have any question or comment about this post, please don’t hesitate to leave it below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.





2 thoughts on “What is Nerium International About? Is It Legit or Worth Your Money”

  1. Hi, I have a friend who chose to do Nerium a while back and he tried to get me involved but like you, I felt that although it’s not a scam, the product is too pricey. Not only is the product pricey but the success rate for people who try to grow with an MLM company is very low. Great comparison the Wealthy Affiliate because with WA you can actually join for free and not only that, you have control of your own destiny since it’s actually totally your own business. Good comparison, thanks!

    1. Thanks Jim, for letting all understand the truthfulness of doing any business with MLM companies. you’re right, as your experience show, they always want to do all they can to just to get you sign up, with them and the fact is that, if you’re skillful in marketing, that is convincing people to buy their expensive products, then you may be able to see some success.

      But if cannot convince people to buy their expensive products, as is true with all MLM programs, and you cannot recruit others to join the program, then you better not sign up with them. Because you will gain nothing from them.

      Comparing any MLM program to Wealthy Affiliate, you can see for yourself clearly that Wealthy Affiliate stands out clearly as the best and the most legitimate platform to join and learn how to make some regular and successful income online.

      Not just the fact that you’re allowed to join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE, but also the support you get alone is so great and wonderful.And that is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who is really interested in making money online.

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