What is Nevetica? Is It a Scam or Worth Your Consideration?


Overview of Nevetica

Product: Nevetica

Founder: Yet to discover

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Website: www.nevetica.com

My Rating: 4 out of 10


So, What is Nevetica?

Nevetica is a new Multi-level Marketing company who are specialized in providing customized vitamins and supplements to help fill your pet’s specific nutritional deficiencies.

According to Nevetica, for years – many of us have imposed our lifestyle on our pets and now our pets are also facing the consequences of our actions – some of these issues include problems such as;  joint issues, obesity, hypertension and many more …

So Nevetica says they have come to address these issues that most of our pet face today. They have  systematically developed a solution to help combat those problems.



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Nevetica has come up with the best pet vitamins and nutraceuticals in today’s market to help solve all the problem our pet face today.

Nevetica says they are not just going to provide your pet with the best vitamins and nutrition to help them combat with any deficiencies – but also they are dedicated to providing all pet parents with the best education ever to help the take good care of their pets.

In doing so, Nevetica says our pets will be able to leave longer, healthier and happier than ever.

Also, like all MLM programs – Nevetica says they have a vision and their vision encompasses a belief of improving pet health in the community which eventually will spread across the globe.

And to educate parents on the pet paradigm and the proper approach to achieve optimal health and wellness for your pets.


So Is Nevetica a Scam?

No, Nevetica is not a Scam, but rather a legitimate MLM program – However, if you really mean business and you’re here because of their business opportunity, I can’t recommend it to you and I cannot guarantee your success with Nevetica for so many reasons” you will learn from this article..


Products From Nevetica

In the course of my research, I found out that Nevetica has a lot of products purposely made for pets. And as they say – they want to help your pet enjoy the best health ever through their products and also the education you will receive from them.

Some of their products include:


  • Pets Training Pads

Nevetica says that their pets pads are products for training puppies, dogs with incontinence, and confined dogs. And benefits of this products include:

  1. Controls odours
  2. Super absorbent quilted pads
  3. 5-layer construction
  4. Leak-proof backing to protect your floor
  5. Special attractant helps your dog know where to go
  6. 3 quilted layers of superabsorbent polymer with added attractant
  7. Quick-drying top layer wicks fluid quickly into the pad so it’s dry to the touch and helps prevent tracking


  • Pets Air Freshener

Nevetical says that with their “fresh scent of NéVetica aerosol freshener” – you can eliminate any scent on your pet. According to Nevetica, with just a few pumps of their “Air Freshener” – the sweet aroma will linger throughout your home.

Some benefits of the Air Freshener are:

  1. It has a long lasting aroma
  2. Permanently neutralizes and absorbs odour
  3. It is eco-friendly, Non-toxic
  4. Its available in 3 scents
  5. It applies to all surfaces
  6. On the go convenience
  • Shampoo and Conditioner

We all know very well that it is a very good practice to regularly bath out pets – especially dogs. This is very important because doing so not only helps to keep our dogs hygienic but also help our dogs to maintain a very nice and healthy coat.

Nevetica says they are bringing to you the best shampoo ever – that offers the most benefits to your pet.

According to them, they have a variety of shampoos and conditioners to help address all the various skin and coat issues of your pets.

Some components benefits of this products include the following:

  1. It has no artificial fragrances
  2. It contains Tea tree oil is which is an excellent antibacterial and anti-fungal agent along with lavender.
  3. It also contains PH balanced specifically for your dog’s skin and fur
  4. It is Paraben Free
  5. Effectively calms insect bites.
  6. Heavy duty – This heavy-duty shampoo utilizes colloidal oatmeal for an all-natural alternative to providing optimum moisture.


  • Carpet Cleaner

Nevetica says their carpet cleaner was made purposely to eliminate even the toughest stains and odours and leave your home fresh smelling and odour free.

The benefits of this carpet cleaner include:

  • It helps in removing the toughest pet and household stains
  • It is also very effective on faeces, diarrhoea, dirt, vomit, blood, grass, ‘pet sweat’, wine, and coffee
  • High-impact odour neutralizers completely and permanently destroy pet-related odours
  • Its also helps prevent repeat marking
  • It is effective on both old and new stains
  • It’s safe for use on carpets, upholstery, bedding, clothing and any water-safe surface
  • Dental Chews

Nevetica says that although it isn’t always easy or convenient to brush their teeth – they have dental products that are delicious and nutritious to help control plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth while freshening their breath at the same time.

Some features and benefits of this Dental Chews include:

  1. Its grain free
  2. Its natural, wholesome, and holistic
  3. It has no corn, wheat, or soy
  4. It contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives
  5. And it has no fillers


  • Breath Freshener

Features of Nevetica’s breath freshener are:

  1. parsley and spearmint help to freshen breath
  2. no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives
  3. controls plaque and tartar
  4. non-toxic



Nevetica’s Business Opportunity

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Nevetica says they are not just bringing you the best supplements and nutrition to help solve all your pets problems, but also, they are bringing you the best business opportunity ever to help you achieve the best lifestyle and freedom you want to enjoy.

According to them, this is going to be a very lucrative business because many people spend a lot of money on their – this is simply because many people love their pet so much.

In fact, Nevetica says that an estimate shows that by 2020 about $100+ billions will be spent on pets alone. So this is a great opportunity you can take advantage of to build a strong home-based business.

For the full explanation of their business opportunity and compensation plan. I recommend you watch the video below.



So Who is Nevetica Business Opportunity For?

Well, as you rightly read from this post, Nevetica is a legitimate MLM program, however, as it is true with all MLM programs – this program is not good for just anybody.

And I’m saying this because of my knowledge about MLM programs, their level of success and what is required for one to succeed with any MLM program.

Now see below some tangible reasons why I cannot recommend Nevetica’s business opportunity to you.

  • You Need to Be Very Skillful in Selling: As an MLM distributor, you will need to be very skilful in marketing products – especially with MLM programs since this requires direct face to face selling “If cannot sell then you better find something better to do”.


  • Products are Expensive to Sell: Also you will need to keep in mind that products from all MLM programs are quite expensive – thereby making it difficult to sell. You must be very skilful to be able to convince your customers into buying these products.


  • You Must Be Prepared to Recruit Others: This one thing that you cannot avoid as an MLM distributor or member, you need to be able to recruit others to benefits from their pyramid scheme compensation plan. If you cannot recruit other people to join the program, then you will gain nothing at all.


  • ONLY those at the Top of the Pyramid Succeed: This is one basic truth and secret of all MLM programs. Those at the top of the pyramid – mean your uplines will always benefit from your hard work. So you as their downline will do the work whiles your uplines will be enjoying the fruit-age of your hard work.


  • Nevetica is Not Free to Start: Like every MLM program, Nevetica is NOT FREE” to start. at least you’re required to pay some money in exchange for a product’s package which you’re expected to sell for some profits. 


NOTE: There is no guarantee that you will get your money back if you fail to succeed with Nevetica. That is why you need to reconsider your decision before joining any MLM program.


Well, that is not to say that all MLM programs are bad – however, as I have clearly explained, if you are not a very skilful marketer and do not know all the in and out of Multi-level Marketing, then you better not try it at all.




I’m very sure you have really benefited from this article, other the other hand if you think you have any question or comment please feel free to leave it below.


My best wishes,



10 thoughts on “What is Nevetica? Is It a Scam or Worth Your Consideration?”

  1. Hey!

    You did a pretty good job explaining Nevetica except you keep calling it a pyramid scheme. It is NOT a pyramid scheme. When you say only people at the top make all the money that is simply not true. You need to explain to the readers better what you mean because no matter where you go, your boss will always make more than you, you know I am right. Anyone can make really good money and you don’t have to recruit to make money you get paid from every sale you make. Which also brings me to the point that you DONT HAVE TO BE SKILLFULL IN SELLing. They offer FREE training and they don’t want sales people they want you to think of yourself as a farmer. You also did not mention that Nevetica will be downloadable from the play stores and will be an app that includes a free pet assessment, fit bit, unlimited training videos, a monthly newsletter, info pet, vets groomers, local dog parks! There is so much Nevetica has to offer and the opportunity is amazing.
    The founder is Dr. Lance London who also owns a successful restaurant called the Carolina kitchen. NeVetica is amazing and so is the opportunity’! This is amazing for aspiring entrepreneurs, low start up cost, unique products, a revolutionary approach and something that has never been done befofe. MLM is truly a better way to make money for the average person.

    1. Hi Priacill,

      Thanks for your comment on this review, I appreciate your kind comment and clarification. But you still do recruitment, don’t you? And if you’re not skillful how do you sell then? since we all know making sales in any business is not an easy task. Anyway thanks for your comment.


  2. I have been a backer of Ne’vetica since 7-30-17 I’ve seen a cooperate office open and products starting to be shipped in. We offically launch 7-21-18. I’m excited!!

    1. Hi Kelcey,

      I’m glad you’re happy about Nevetica and you’re enjoying this MLM company. I only wish you success and hopping that things go well with you as you wish.

      My best wishes to you,


  3. Thank you for a very honest and forthright interpretation and review of this opportunity. Your comments about the uplines being those who benefit and the absolute necessity of selling ring so true. Every successful MLM person I know what very articulate, passionate, extroverted, and almost relentless in their quest to convince me of the value of their product. Some of them have actually succeeded and some did not based on perhaps their skill at reading my biases, cues, and relevant reasons why the product would have emotional appeal for me. Not everyone can do that.

    1. Hi Shell,

      Thanks a lot for your comment on this article. I’m glad that you found my post hrlpful and for seeing my honesty in doing this review.

      It is always my pleasure to provide my readers reviews that are authentic and very useful.

      Your comment really shows that you took your time to read this article and you really understood the points I was trying to make in this article.

      Indeed, as you read and commented, in every MLM Program, its ONLY those on top of the pyramid scheme stand to have the chamce of making some good money. Surely, MLM programs are not the best business opportunities if you really want to achieve success.

  4. I like some of the products they are trying make you sell like healthier food and shampoo for yoUr dogs. This can both make them live longer and feel better overall.

    I have to agree though since it is an mlm system you have to be prepared to recruit lots of people in order to start making dedent money.

    For me personally I don’t think I’d join, but just buy the product at a store and see how it does.!

    1. Thanks Michael,

      It is true as you read, Nevetica has some classic nutritional food supplements for all your pets. Including Your dogs and your cats.  And this company is  very legitimate. So you have no problem buying any of their supplements for your pet to make them grow well and look attractive.

      However, as I said in this review, I’m not recommending Nevetica because of their business opportunity. I do not recommend any MLM program to my readers after all. So if you really mean business then I’m not recommending Nevetica to you.

      If you think you’re very good and skillful in selling MLM products and at the same time very good in convincing people into using their money to sign up for MLM programs like Nevetica then you can sign up for it and try it as I said in this review.

      On the other hand if you know you cannot do any of the above mentioned, then you better find something better to do with you life.

      Why not try My #1 recommended money making program Wealthy Affiliate as I recommended in this review.

  5. Hi Stephen!
    It’s a lot of fun I had posted a picture of my girlfriend’s dog, on my facebook wall.
    A few days later I got a new friend who then turned to me in messenger.
    As I said, I do not have any pets. It seemed very irrelevant to me. Okay, research and here I am. To put it straight.

    So I think you can buy online products on other portals online without being offered to work with it as a business.

    Personally, I do not like network marketing, I simply cannot understand the money.
    I do not think you can build a business if you do not understand the money.

    1. Steen,

      Your comment lacks understanding, I don’t really understand what you’re trying to mean in this comment you left on this review.

      Anyway. Thanks for visiting.

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