What is NHT Global? Is It a Scam or Worth Your Effort?

What is NHT Global? Is It a Scam or Worth Your Effort?



So what is NHT Global? Is It a Scam or Worth Your Effort? Perhaps you’re here because of you’re looking for NHT Global Wiki, or perhaps you need NHT Global distributor, or maybe you’re looking for NHT Global products price. OR you may even be looking for NHT Global complaints.

Well, in this post, I’m going to give you a thorough review about all that you need to know about NHT Global.

But before get started and dig deeper into this NHT Global review, lets take a brief overview of NHT Global and what offer they have for you.


NHT Global Overview

Product: NHT Global

Founder: Chris Sharng(President) & Scott Davidson(Senior Vice President)

Price: Minimum price $100 up to a maximum of

Website: www.unitedstates.nhtglobal.com

My Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Verdicts: Not a scam but honestly, I can’t guarantee your success with this MLM program.


So What Is NHT Global? Is It a Scam?

Well, NHT Global, as the name implies is an International e-Commerce and direct selling company based in Rolling Hills Estates, California in the United States, founded on January 22, 2001, who are into the production of beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products.

Five (5) months after launching this company in the United States, NHT Global also launched and expanded their reach to other countries such as Canada, Puerto Rico and New Zealand. The company has had over$1.8 billion sales 2001.

So basically, NHT Global produces products such as; beauty, wellness and lifestyle products just like other well Know MLM programs like Mary K Cosmetics, Jeunesse Global, Nu Skin, Naturally Plus, AIM Global O2 Worldwide, Zija International and the rest …


And just like other MLM companies, NHT Global also do offer their customers or registered members some form of compensation plan to motivate them to sell their products for a commission.

In addition to that,  like any other MLM program, NHT global expect all their registered members to be active in recruiting other members into the company so they will also continue to do the same thing which helps the company to grow.

NB: So the truth is, if you’re really good at direct one-on-one selling then you may want to give NHT Global a try to see how things work out for you.

In addition to that, you need to be very skilful in recruiting other members into the company, or else you’re not going to benefit from their compensation plan.

However, as I said earlier, I cannot guarantee your success with NHT Global or any MLM program due to their demands and all that they may require from you.


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NOTE: Unless you stay active in selling their products every month, you will not get any benefits from your downlines even if they are actively working, which means you will always need to be active to benefit from the program.



Pros of NHT Global

  • NHT Global is not a scam.
  • They have a good compensation plan.
  • You can make so my money if you’re good in network marketing.


Cons of NHT Global

  • There is NO FREE Starter Membership.
  • There is NO Live Chat where you can easily get help.
  • You need to pay to a minimum of $100 get started.
  • There is NO guarantee that you can make some money with NHT Global.
  • You can lose your hard earned income for nothing.
  • No guarantee of getting your money back if you fail to succeed.
  • It requires a direct face to face selling skills.
  • You will need to be very skilful in recruiting members.
  • Like other MLM programs, their products are too expensive to sell.



 NHT Global Products Prices

As I said, earlier, I’m also going to give you some NHT Global products and their various prices associated with them.

When it comes to their products, they are categorized into four (4) different groups. Namely, beauty, herbal, lifestyle and wellness. We will briefly consider some of their beauty products and what they can do for the body in this review.

  • Beauty
  • Herbal
  • Lifestyle &
  • Wellness


NHT Global Beauty Products

Below are some of the beauty products you can get to buy from NHT Global and their benefits


  • The Biocell SC & Its Benefits

    the NHT's BioCell Mask CS
    BioCell Mask CS Price = 89.29

According to NHT Global, the Bio-cell SC can help treat your skin to the ultimate hydrating experience. Also, they claim that this product can do powerful things such as multi-tasking facial mask infused with an ultra-moisturizing essence that instantly rejuvenates the appearance of tired and ageing skin. Thereby making you look younger.


The BioCell is also said to contain coconut-juice derived Biocellulose sheet that delivers an arsenal of high performing plant and fruit extracts, amino acids, and antioxidants that work quickly to replenish moisture, brighten skin and reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. Take your skin care regimen to new heights and discover a more youthful looking “you” with BioCell SC.


  • Skindulgence® Facelift & It Benefits

    NHT's Skindulgence® Facelift
    The Skindulgence® Facelift       Paraben    Price = $86.08 Total Price = $136.07

NHT Global says you can ok years younger with the help of their Skindulgence® Facelift, with a 100% paraben free formulation.

Also, they claim that, this 30 minutes Non- Surgical Facelift System lifts and tones to help you achieve maximum result naturally in just 30 minutes.

Which in turn helps to improve the appearance of your skin’s tone, develop firmer facial muscles, and at the same time feel and look years longer.        


  • The Botanical Hand Protector & It Benefits

    NHT's Botanical Hand Protector
    Botanical Hand Protector Price = $28.95

This is another beauty product from NHT Global. This is NHT’s ultra-buttery hand cream that instantly nourishes and hydrates to keep hands silky soft all day.

This product is packed with essential ingredients needed by the body such as packed with exotic oils and natural botanicals including avocado oil, Shea butter, and aloe vera to bring you your most luminous skin while protecting your skin against the damaging effects of environmental toxins.






NHT Global Compensation Plan

Before we even get started with NHT Global’s Compensation Plan, I recommend you watch this detailed video that explains everything about their compensation plan.


So basically, there are four ways in which you can earn money through NHT Global’s compensation plan. As shown below:


  • 1) RETAIL PROFIT: For example, as a distributor of NHT, you can you may purchase products at wholesale and resell them at retail, thereby earning retail profits.


  • 2) DIRECT SALES COMMISSIONS & GENERATIONAL BONUS:  According to NHT, you can Earn Direct Sales Commissions on the bonus volume generated by every personally sponsored Distributor, up to three levels deep in your Generation Tree.
  • 3) THE TWO-TEAM INFINITY COMPENSATION SYSTEM: With this type of compensation, NHT says you may begin to develop two teams under your RBC by introducing others to NHT Global and our wonderful products and opportunity.  As they register their RBCs under you, you will develop a Left Sales Team & a Right Sales Team.


  • 4) MATCHING BONUS: At this point, you’re able to earn Earn bonuses on commission cycles earned through your personally sponsored downline up to three levels deep in your Generation Tree.


So as you can see above, these are some details about their compensation plan and a snapshot I took from NHT’s website.


How To Become A Member of NHT Global

As you read earlier from this post, you cannot join NHT for FREE, you’re at least required to buy one of their products packages. And the minimum package you can buy to sign up with NHT  will cost you $100.

So you can understand what I mean by saying their products are expensive.


My Final Verdict

So do I recommend NHT global? you may ask, well, I need to be honest, and this is my personal opinion, you will have to make your own decision based on this review.

The truth is that if you think you’re good in network marketing and are very skilful in convincing people to buy expensive products like that of NHT Global, then you can try their business opportunity and see how it works out for you.

You should also be ready to go round looking for others to recruit them so you can benefit from their compensation plan.

However, if you know you cannot do any of these, then you better not try at all, else you may end up losing your hard earned income for nothing.


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If you have any question or comment about this review, please leave it below. Also, please let me know your personal review on NHT Global.


My best wishes,



NHT Global











  • Compensation Plan
  • NHT Global Is Not A Scam
  • You Can MAke Some Money With NHT Global


  • No FREE Trial Account Available
  • No Guarantee of Getting Your Money Back If You Fail
  • It Requires Direct Face To Face Selling Skills
  • You're Also Requires To Recruit Other Members Into the Company
  • Products Are Expensive to Sell

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