What is Resgreen? Is It a Scam or Legit

So, what is Resgreen? is it really a scam? You’re probably here because you might have heard about this MLM program called Resgreen and you may be wondering as to whether its a scam or not.

Well follow me through this thorough review as I reveal to you all the truth about Resgreen. Before we even dig deeper,  let take a brief overview about what Resgreen is all about.


An Overview of Resgreen

Company: Resgreen

Founder: No Info

Starting Price: No Info

Website: www.resgreen.com

Rating: 3 out 10



So, What is Resgreen? Is It Really a Scam

Well Resgreen, as previewed above and as I said earlier is one of the MLM programs base in Indonesia who claim to have health care products that can be of much help to you. and your health. According to Resgreen their “Capsule’ called Reshealth can health you to slim if that is your desire.


Resgreen Products

As I said earlier, like all MLM programs, Resgreen claims to have health care products that can really help you improve your health. For example in the video below notice how a member from Resgreen explain how one of their products called Reshealth works.


Yes, as you saw, they claim you can slim with this product from Resgreen. Also the video below is another one a member of Resgreen who tries to promote their Detoxing Drink Products and how works.


Also, in this video, watch as a member from Resgreen try to explain how their ‘Slimming Capsule’ works. Note that although they claim this product works, it may not work any body. In addition, I cannot guarantee if it will really work for you. As it is known about all MLM programs, they all seem to hype their products as though they work magically.

However, unlike most popular MLM programs, green Resgreen doesn’t seem to be any popular MLM program and therefore I cannot guarantee their legitimacy. Resgreen even seem to have no website through which they advertise themselves and their products.

You will only find some few videos and very little information about this MLM program. So if I cannot recommend even well known MLM programs for you, then you can imagine my view about Resgreen. Even information about the owners of Resgreen cannot be found. Its Still mysterious.

Also, I did not even see any business opportunity about this MLM program, unlike all MLM programs who will show off their pyramid scheme compensation plan and then claim to make you rich. There seem to be no business opportunity with Resgreen.



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