What is RU Affiliate – Is It a Scam or Worth Your Effort?


Perhaps you have heard about this affiliate program and you are wondering as to whether it is something legitimate or aanother internet scam. Well if that is your concern then you are really at the best place to get an answer to your question about RU Affiliate. So the quest is, What is RU Affiliate? Is it a scam or worth your effort.

Before we even dig deeper into what RU Affiliate really is all about, let briefly look at some overview of this program about who founded it the cost involve for one to be able to join and some few other things.


Overview of the Ru Affiliates

Product name: RU Affiliates

Website: www.ruaffiliates.biz

Price: $35

Founder: Wesley Bacate, (Other team associate include; Nick Napeek, Jefty Fucao and Philip Gomez,)

Rating: 5.3 out 10

My Verdict: Ru Affiliate Program is not a Scam, however, it has some limitations, so I cannot recommend it to everybody. Follow me as I explain more about RU Affiliate to you.




So, What is RU Affiliate Then?

RU Affiliate is an online Affiliate Marketing program based in the Philippines founded by Wesley Bacate, Nick Napeek, Jefty Fucao and Philip Gomez, who have the the mission of  providing digital training about the basics of online marketing.

So as expressed above, RU Affiliate says one of their  primary goals is to give entrepreneurs opportunities to learn how to earn money online using their electronic gadget (i.e laptops, desktop, mobile phones), social media, and the internet.



Backgrounds of RU Affiliates Co-founders

Below are some detailed backgrounds of the co-founders of this RU Affiliate Program.




So as you can clearly see above, each of the co-founders of the RU Affiliate Program seem to have some good educational background with a measure of experience and they promise that they can help you achieve success online provided you’re willing to learn and apply what you learn.

Of course, RU Affiliate is a newly established Affiliate Program, so I can say the company is relatively young, but they claim to have the vision of helping every entrepreneur who has a vision of building a successful business online.

In addition to that, RU Affiliate also has a vision, and their vision is to become the world’s most user oriented company; to build a place where people can learn how to be a professional online entrepreneur.




See the Differences Between RU Affiliate and MY #1 Recommendation


Of course, “RU Affiliate” is Not a Scam. However, as I said earlier I can’t  recommend it either due to many reasons you will learn from this review. If you are looking for a genuine money making program, let me help you discover My #1 recommended program from “Canada” called Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been a member for quite sometime now. It’ FREE to join. No credit card required.

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Ru Affiliate Training Program

The training program provided by RU Affiliate is said to help all online entrepreneurs who have their own products and want to promote them so people can buy.

On the other hand, RU Affiliate Claims that based on their compensation plan, a member can decide to just promote the RU Affiliate system or Products to other and earn some good and successful income online.

Also, according to Ru Affiliate, unlike other online affiliate programs that allows you to promote their products only through your website, RU Affiliates, allows you to promote their products or program through social media such as Facebook, twitter, G+, that is Google Plus, Pinterest and many more….

So, what this actually means is that, even if you do not have any website, you can still promote RU Affiliate program and earn some income out of it. Also, RU Affiliate says they have a free sign up membership which you can sign up for free.

Below is a summery of how the training modules at RU Affiliate looks like;

  • RU Training site (completely SIMPLIFIED process!)- 4 Modules
  • Video training.
  • IHX factor modules ( which is made up of 11 video tutorials)
  • Free Compensation plan
  • Facebook Ad image library
  • Free effective Advertising templates
  • Free valuable E-books
  • Free Marketing tips to improve your online business.
  • They also offer  webinars



RU Affiliate’s IHX System 



From my research, and from the information I got from RU Affiliate website, the IHX system, also known as the IHX factor, has been defined as the ultimate online marketing frame work.

In a sense, the IHX factor was built by RU Affiliate, which is made up of a series of training modules, videos, designed to help all RU Affiliate members how set up an online business that will thrive and bring them successful income.

According to RU Affiliate, the IHX factors is a specialized system, which will teach you some hidden secret, that most internet marketing expect don’t even know about.

The IHX training module is said to be a simplified step by step training modules, through videos,  which are organized in such a way that makes the training effective  and convenience for the benefit of every member.


How RU Affiliate IHX Automation System Works


To be able to use the IHX system or factor however, you’re required to activate your account, you will need to pay an amount of Php1599, a Philippine’s currency, which is approximately about $33.

However, since this is an Affiliate program, if you sign up through some ones affiliate link, that person stands that chance of earning   Php1000 or $20 when your account is activated.

However, I understand that this premium membership payment is a lifetime payment, as to whether this is going to be really truthful or not only RU Affiliate knows.

This is newly established affiliate program and so if they are saying this just to get people sign up or not they are the only ones who know.

I know most newly established online programs that offers to teach people how to make money online initially begin by offering a very low cost that will allow most people to join, then when they have had their number of members they expert they will now start bombarding their members with upsells.

RU Affiliate promises that they are never going to bring in or introduce any upsells, however, as I have said, this is newly established program and only time can tell as to whether what they are saying is true or not.



RU Affiliates Compensation Plan


So the moment you hear compensation plan, network marketing pyramid scheme comes to your mind isn’t it?

Yes, like all network marketing, RU Affiliate is more than just an Affiliate program; rather, it has also got an MLM integrated system which through it, their members within their platform can be paid.

 As you read earlier about their about their affiliate referral commission, you get your Php 1000 or $20 for direct referrals and then the same amount for your second direct referrals, that is if your referrals activate their account by paying their  Php1599, approximately $33. Plus a so called goodwill commission of Php400 or $8 on your direct referral’s 3rd , 6th and 9th…sales.
However, since RU Affiliate uses MLM compensation scheme, when you gain your third (3rd) referral, you’re are not paid all the commission, rather,   you will receive P200 as a shared commission, which means P400, about $8 is passed up to your sponsor or your upline and P400 goes to your first referred affiliate.
Also, on your 4th and 5th sales, you will again get your Php 1000 commission. Then again on your 6th sale, you’re given P200 commission, since P400 is again passed up to your sponsor and then the other P400 goes to your 2nd referred affiliate. 

So, Do I recommend Ru Affiliates?

Well, as I mentioned in my overview of this program, I cannot recommend this program to you and its my personal opinion, for the following five (5) reasons;

  • 1) No Website Included: RU Affiliate does not include in their training modules on how to build your own business website, which is a very big disadvantage. Why because the foundation of any successful online business is having your own built business website.


  • 2) Language Barrier: (NO English Language): Also, this training program is not fort anyone, it was established purposely for Filipinos who can speak the Tagalog dialect into their own languages. So it is not for foreigners, but for indigents in  Philippine who can speak that language. The training is not available in English Language.

Unless you want to you will find a way of translating the Tagalog dialect into English language and I think translating a video training is just a waste of time when there much  more better platforms out there that you can join. 


  • 3) No Guarantee: Thirdly, this is a newly established program, so I cannot guarantee the truthfulness of all that they claim to offer you and how legitimate their system works and as to whether you can really be able to earn some successful and regular income with their training program or not.
  • 4) No Live Chat Support: Also, from my personal expedience, to be successful online business, you need help a platform that offers you a regular community  help, I mean 24/7 Live Chat so that anytime you feel stacked, you can get other expect to help you. But Ru Affiliate does not have all these.


  • 5) RU Affiliate is “not free” to join: As mentioned in my overview, you are required to start with a sign  up payment of P1,599 in the Philippians currency, which is approximately $35. So if you try it and it work for you fine, however, if it doesn’t work for you then its your personal choice. So the decision lies in your hands.

Yes, the program is not a scam, but I can’t guarantee your success since its new in the system and I haven’t seen any testimonial that guarantees your success.

NOTE: You may try RU Affiliate if you want to and see how things work out, especially if you’re a Philippian, since you can most benefit from this program as a result of the language.


However, as I have said, I cannot guarantee your success with RU Affiliate. On the other hand, if you cannot understand the Philippians language and you’re not ready  to be doing translations then I don’t think RU Affiliate is for you.


Check this: I recommend  you  Click Here to Check My #1 Proven Program that has been in the system for the past 12 years, which has helped many to build a successful business online that is generating for them some regular income. You can be one of them.


So What Do I recommend?

Well before we even dig a little deeper into my NO.1 recommended program, just have a look at the differences between RU Affiliates and what you will get from my  NO.1 recommended Affiliate Platform.


Yes, as you can see clearly, there far much better Affiliate Programs out there which offers you the opportunity to learn how to build your own business website in a very simple way, through their step by step video training.

And when it comes the best among them, Wealthy Affiliate  stands out clearly, not just by their step by step video training, but also, the fact that they have a very good reputation. In fact this is an online platform that has been in the system since 2005.

So they have a very good reputation and a good record as well. Not only that, Wealthy Affiliate has a very great community of over 850,000 active members within the community who are making already making success and are always ready to assist you anytime you nee their help.

And more than that, Wealthy Affiliate has the best 24/7 Live Chat ever, which gives you the opportunity to ask for help anytime you need it. So a very great community and a great opportunity.

Of course, Wealthy Affiliate also has a Premium Membership which goes for $49 per month, however, that package comes with a lot of benefits and it is not force to join the premium membership. You can decide to remain in the free starter membership forever.
So at this point if I should ask you, what is RU Affiliate all about? What will be your answer?, Well there is no doubt that you now have a very convincing answer about this newly established Affiliate, MLM integrated program.
However, as you have read, this is newly established program and I cannot guarantee their legitimacy, though not a scam.
So if you’re really interested in building a successful business online that will yield for you so regular and consist income then try MY NO.1 Recommended Platform as shown above or the image link below. Yes, it is absolutely free.


About the Author                                       


I’m Stephen, the founder of Jobs Online-Stephen.com. If you have have read my “About Me Page”, you will understand that  my goal is to help others succeed online as I’m doing, by exposing scams and reviewing top rated products. I can help you start your online business




If you ever have any question or comment about this post or article, please feel free to leave it below.


Wishing you all the best here,



RU Affiliate











  • Compensation Plan
  • Tools Are Available
  • Support Available
  • Free Webnars Available


  • No English Language
  • You must Pay to Join
  • No Live Chat
  • I Gan't Guarantee it

10 thoughts on “What is RU Affiliate – Is It a Scam or Worth Your Effort?”

  1. I am a Filipino and I am very familiar with this company, RU Affiliates. There was a time that I got tempted to join, but when I realized that the language being used in the training is not in English but rather in Tagalog (Filipino language), I declined. The reason is, most of my audience are from America and Europe, so it is not a good fit.

    May I ask, what country are you from? It amazes me that RU Affiliates have reached you.

    1. You’re right Gomer and that is why I cannot recommend such a program to my readers. I mean a program that is not available in English, which is the most common language is really a BIG drawback and a disadvantage. So if you sign up with Ru Affiliate without any knowledge about their Tagalog language, then surely there is no way you will be able to benefit from it. you will only waste your precious money for nothing. Whiles there by far some better programs out there which you can even join for free.

      So, yes, language barrier is one of the biggest flaws with Ru Affiliate. And not only that, as you read – Ru Affiliate is a newly established programs and so while there is no complain about anyone being scammed, I can’t also recommend it to you because I can’t guarantee your real success with this program.

      In addition to that, we all know that the foundation to any successful online business is by having your own business website which will bring you traffic and the traffic in turn will convert to manoy for you. Yes the income you;’re looking for. That bis I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to all who are really interested in making money online.

      Yes, you asked about how I got to hear about Ru Affiliate right? Well I was doing some research online when I came across their website. So I got to know through my regular online research. I’m some who really likes to surf the internet more often. So it is true that I came to know about Ru Affiliate Program

  2. Hello Stephen,

    I enjoyed reading your article and it is definitely important that we get educated by websites like your own. There are far too many scammers and very few legitimate.

    Would you recommend this product to someone who is computer illiterate and has no prior experience and knowledge with an online business?

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thanks Eric for dropping by and leaving your comment on this post. Of course RU Affiliate is not a Scam, However, as you read I cannot recommend it to everyone due to the many drawbacks. Which include the fact that RU Affiliate uses only the Philippians language. So if you do not understand their language then I it will not make sense signing up for such a program.

      Also, note that RU Affiliate is not FREE to join, you are required to pay $35 to be able to start. So if you do not succeed, you have lost your precious money.

      Also, RU Affiliate is newly established online program, with if any, only a few records of success testimonials. However, as you read from this post, there far better platforms out there which you can even join for free, which have been in the system for more than 12 years, with very good reputation and uncountable Testimonials so why waste your time on something you are not too sure of and which you cannot really trust.

  3. Hello Buddy.

    Thank you for downgrading RU Affiliates just to Lift Wealthy Affiliate. You just destroyed a rising company and did not give chance for it to fly high.

    I have seen you reading my RU page through Google analytic. And I have seen you posted a question in our Wealthy Affiliate family platform whether Wealthy Affiliate is giving free membership in The Philippines. I thought you were just curious until I saw and read your not Totally correct article (About RU Affiliates).
    Actually, I hesitated to message you anymore, thinking that you really want something (High page rank, money, fame, sign ups, credit from WA or whatever–“all are maybes”). But I am sorry but it really drives me crazy to read your wrong allegations about RU Affiliates.
    I SUGGESTS you become a member first yourself to be able to see things in the bigger and clear picture and legitimate way. Rather than referring on your searches on other people’s blog or whatever source other than being a member (Just to investigate and be re assured on what you will right)
    I understand that you wanted to promote Wealthy Affiliate like myself. But it’s just sad that you could have chosen to downgrade SCAM AFFILIATE programs and not a small but legit company like RU Affiliates.
    I can’t dictate you on your personal opinions because it is your rights. But I just want to kindly request you to change some statements that you wrote about RU Affiliates which are totally WRONG.
    You see, you don’t know the effect of these to the masses of Filipinos and some bloggers taht promotes it like myself. And I am sad for that.
    Plus I have some major corrections from your statements:
    1. They have customer service and they respond quickly on phone calls, email messages and Facebook accounts. They also have an active group in face book that supports every RU Affiliates member that YOU SEE. The problem is they are just young as you yourself said, they are still growing, and they just went to office relocation the previous month (messages or information that “WE” only RU members receive.). Live support chat is available when you sign up as a free member but slow response- a flaw that they have to fix. Filipinos are more into phone calls. So they compensate their downside on live chat thru immediate call response.
    2. You are wrong when you said that it is an automated system as in automated like an app or a scammy software. IT HAS BECOME automated since it applies the system which even YOU Yourself is maybe using..And these are the applications of landing pages and autoresponders integrated in the platform that we are using, thus our platform serve as our mini website custom made and built for us. Other than this it has a sister website for our other tutorials and library of file that we are using. But as far as building a website like a word press website, you are right, we don’t have it.
    I am not sure if you already have tackled the topics about autoresponders and landing pages in Wealthy Affiliates. If not yet, then please ask it in Wealthy Affiliate and our group members will answer you including myself.

    3. At your page written: These are mine: Could you please at least rephrase it?)
    Below is a summery of how the training modules at RU Affiliate looks like;
    • RU Training site (completely SIMPLIFIED process!)- 4 Modules
    • Video training.
    • IHX factor modules ( which is made up of 11 video tutorials)
    • Free Compensation plan
    • Facebook Ad image library
    • Free effective Advertising templates
    • Free valuable E-books
    • Free Marketing tips to improve your online business.
    • Free valuable webinar

    3. I have an issue or doubt about when you mentioned it is a Pyramid. Because it’s not.
    The chain is exclusive between the single up line to its direct referral and the first degree referral of the first directs(of the upline). Then new set of upline will exist. So this means that everyone is not really inter related from top to bottom like that of the Pyramids.—PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME about these and about MLM.
    4.FROM YOUR PAGE: And I will never recommend any automated system for anyone interested in building a successful business online that will last for a longer period into the future. Especially if you’re going to use this IHX automated system on your website, you’re only going to bring disaster upon yourself.
    This is driving me crazy because YOU ARE WRONG! Its not a software buddy, its the landing pages, the auto-respondents, the ppc ads and the adverts. -This is what it means when it was said automated. And even Kyle and Carson is teaching us about such things.

    I took snapshots of your page/post. And I still wish to check it and comment on the wrong lines that I will see for our discussion if you wish too. I am only requesting anyway my friend….=)
    I have to cut this, coz I am at my offline work and so busy. It’s just that you really caught my attention.
    Sorry for being straight forward. Its my way of connecting and helping people. (Not beatin aroun or behind a bush).
    Sorry also for the mispellings or may wrong grammars beacuse I just really snatched a time from my offline working time coz I am really disturbed by your post.
    We can talk in wealthy affiliate to. And we follow each other I think.
    My profile name is RockWA. And my website: make-yourself-useful.com/what is ru affiliates
    Sorry if I have said things wrong in your view or offended you. Its just that I know we are family member in WA and that I have to tell you straight that you have to be sure on what you are sharing to people because many will believe and rely on it.
    See you around. Thank You

    1. Hello Rock, Greetings,

      I have seen your comment on my site and I understand your concern. But first of all I want you to know that I don’t intend to hurt you or anyone with regards to your reviews about RU Affiliate.

      Also thank you for correcting me about RU Affiliate’s IHX system that it is not as I explained. However, I never mentioned that RU Affiliate is a scam. Rather, quoting directly from my verdict about them this is what I said;

      “My Verdict: Very legitimate Affiliate Program, however, it has some limitations, so I cannot recommend it to everybody. Follow me as I explain more about RU Affiliate to you”.

      Also, about RU Affiliate’s compensation plan, you mentioned that its not a pyramid scheme, can please explain this further to me?

      Does Ru Affiliate have any products for which they promote or sell? I will be waiting for your reply and I don’t mine going back to my post to do any correction needed.

      As I said,. I don’t intend to hurt you and your business, neither do I intend to hurt anyone here only that if you have taken time to read my reviews about MLM programs, I always make it clear to my readers that I don’t recommend any MLM program to anyone.

      And am I lying, doesn’t RU Affiliate has a language barrier? So if someone is really interested in this newly established Affiliate plus MLM program, how can this person benefit from the program when he cannot understand the Philippians language?

      Also, Ru Affiliate is not FREE to to start, am I lying? if I’m lying tell me. You need at least an average of $35 to be able to sign up for this program. Meanwhile, there are far better affiliate platforms out there with good reputation that has helped many to build successful business and generating some good income.

      Even with this well meaning programs, you can start for free. So if I say I do not recommend RU Affiliate I have a sound and solid reasons why I’m saying so.

  4. Your website really has a informative take to it. Comparing different affiliate schemes is such a good topic including WA. Your content is very informative and you go into full detail of the scheme so you make sure gets all the facts. Big large graphics and the use of Ads really makes the site colourful.

    I like your content split as well especially where you have different product reviews on offer as well and with the options of selecting from the various articles on the right hand side gives a further appealing touch too.

    The start of your content really is grabbing with the core facts of the business before going into detail which is good.

    I found it detailed but also an effective with the right use of links and with the inclusion of social media you can really get the world talking too.

    1. Hello Jonathan,

      I am glad to meet and thanks for your comment on this review post about RU Affiliate. I always want my readers to find my site interesting and captivating so I’m so glad that you’re giving such a good recommendations about my site. I appreciate that.

      I have always been looking for good graphics for display that will captivate the interest of my readers and keep them much more longer when they visit my website and so I’m not wondering that you are saying this about the graphics on my site.

      Yes, and as for my reviews and blog post, as you saw, I always make sure that I give my readers a thorough review and a very comprehensive one without leaving a spot so that they leave my site well satisfied.

  5. Strange! I just happened to read a review about RU Affiliate. It still sounds like a legitimate opportunity to earn an online income for those who don’t understand the English language. One of the main problems is, indeed, that you can’t build your own website. Support is also important which RU Affiliate doesn’t provide. Do you really believe that the owner(s) of RU Affiliate will start bombarding their members with upsells once they get enough people to join?

    1. Hello John,

      You’re right, this program was designed purposely for those who do not understand the English Language, in fact especially for the Philippines indigents. So if you do not understand and cannot speak the Filipinos language which is the Tagalog dialect, then this program is not for you.

      Moreover as you read f5rom this review this is a program that has a lot of disadvantages, for instance you read about my comparison of RU Affiliate with that of Wealthy Affiliate  and you can see clearly the big differences between these two programs and how they work.

      Unlike Wealthy Affiliate whereby you will be taught right from the scratch a step by step way on how to build your own business website, RU Affiliate does not have all these provisions available and so if you really nee a website, that is your own business website, then you will have to find a better platform like Wealthy Affiliate where you will learn all that is needed to make a successful income online, plus your free website.

      Yes, any successful business start with building your own business website and you cannot skip that, its very vital.

      Also looking at RU Affiliate, they have no LIVE CHAT, compared to Wealthy Affiliate where you will enjoy a 24/7 Live Chat in addition a great and wonderful community members who are ever ready to assist you anytime you need support.

      So anyone who is really interested in building a successful business online should consider joining Wealthy Affiliate and you will see sure success.

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