What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course? Wealthy Affiliate is #1


Whether you’re an expert or or a newbie in Affiliate Marketing, you will realize that sooner or later, you may be in need of some form training & support.

And this has become one of the basic foundations of Affiliate Marketing – things keep changing everyday, thereby calling for a change also in the way you go about your business as an entrepreneur.

Yes, since the trend of Affiliate Marketing keeps changing, therefore, you also need to get updated all the time. Otherwise, you may end up doing things the old fashion way – which will lead to your being a failure.

So one way or the other, we all need some training to succeed as affiliate marketers. But the BIG Question is, What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course available online? You may ask!

Well, if that is your concern, then let me help you discover the best and #1 affiliate marketing training course available online.


Wealthy Affiliate – the #1 Training Program


When it comes to training for affiliate marketers,  Wealthy Affiliate clearly stands out as the best among all.

In this article,  I will clearly show you what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer that makes the training program so CLASSIC among all the training programs available.


Why Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 Training Program

Wealthy Affiliate is the ONLY reputable online training program that allows you to get rained for FREE and learn step by step through their videos and text tutorials on how to succeed as an entrepreneur.


When you sign up for FREE, Wealthy Affiliate takes you through a step by step way of building your own two (2) Free websites.


What You Will Get From Wealthy Affiliate  When You Sign Up

Below are some very good reasons why you should consider Wealthy Affiliate’s (WA) training program. Some wonderful bonuses.

  • The best step by step video training I have ever seen
  • The ONLY Training Platform that allows you to Join for FREE 
  • You get to build your own TWO (2) FREE Website.
  • Incomparable community I have ever seen, with unlimited support.
  • 24/7/365 Live Chat (Which gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want).
  • WA has the best and most secured web-hosting platform.
  • You will get support from founders – Kyle and Carson.
  • Expert within the community are ever ready to help you succeed.
  • They have the best Keyword Research Tool (Jaaxy).
  • You get the most updated information about Search Engines.
  • A SCAM FREE Environment to learn and build a successful business.
  • A very friendly community- meet a community of caring people/ in fact more than a family.
  • There is no upsells, Nothing is hidden from you, Once you pay your premium membership, everything is included in your membership package.


⇒ Read My Full Review on Wealthy Affiliate Here ⇐


Building Your Own Business Website

As I said earlier, after Signing Up for FREE, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to build your own TWO (2) FREE website.

You can decide to build ONLY one (1) for the men time and then later think of building another one. I will advice you to focus on one website, since that one alone can bring you all the income you need.

So you don’t really need to build two (2) website to be able to succeed with your business – ONE alone is enough for success.

WA has an incredible website building platform called SiteRubix which makes it very easy for you to build your own classic business website.

Now see below a snapshot I took of the step by step way in which Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix Platform Works in helping you to build your own business website.


  • 1) Step One (1):  This is the initial step where you CLICK on the SiteRubix Website Building tool to get started with setting up your website.



  • 2) Step Two (2): At this stage, WA SiteRubix platform asks you whether you want to build on their FREE SiteRubix Sub-domain or you want to register your own domain or if you already have a domain which you want to use. 

Then afterward, you will enter your domain which is your niche – a niche is anything you’re passionate about, which people often come online to search for.

Example): You can choose electronics as your niche, or you can narrow the electronics down to let say you want to be advertising Drones”, you can choose drones as your niche and be writing articles about it. So that people searching for drones online will find your website.

You can see below that I selected: howtoshoponline.siterubix.com.


  • 3) Step Three (3): This is the third stage where you will have to choose one from over 2,735 different themes as shown below, in fact when I get to this stage, I get overwhelmed, looking at all the designs available for FREE.

The theme you choose will determine the “beauty and design” of your website, also how responsive and easy it will be for your visitors when they come to your website. Your them needs to be simple and easy to navigate by your visitors.

NOTE: You can change your theme at anytime after building your website if you think you’re no longer interested in your theme or you no longer like it.



  • 4) Step Four (4):  At this point, you have already  selected your website theme and ready to get your site set up and running. You can see that I chose one of the themes.

Now all you have to do is to click on the Click Here to Build This Site!”   – as “shown below and you’re done!!

  • 5) Step Five (5): This is the FINAL stage, as you can see below, you’re all set and SiteRubix at this point is preparing & building your beautiful website for you, as you can clearly see below.

Use the SiteRubix Plugin Below to Build Your Own FREE Website Now!

Wealthy Affiliate Has the Best Training Classroom



So you now have your website set up and ruining, however, you need to follow the step by step video training  and text tutorials available to learn how you can optimize your website for Search Engines (SEO). Such as: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Yes, your website needs to be recognized by these Search Engines so that your site will be indexed by them and then start to get some rankings.

Once your website is ranked by these three (3) major Search Engines, people can now see your site when they are searching fro any products related to your website.

And when they make any purchase, you will then get your commission out of it. Yes, that is your work as an Affiliate Marketer.

You will be taught how to promote products from some well reputable and popular affiliate programs such as: Amazon, eBay, CJ, by Conversant, Rakuten (also known as LinkShare), Click Bank, ShareSale, Affiliate Window etc…


WA Has A Wonderful & Helpful Community

The step by step training is so fantastic – however, even more than that is the wonderful community members available within this CLASSIC platform full of expert in affiliate marketing.

One thing I really like about Wealthy Affiliate is that everyone wants to help you succeed. You post a question and within just some few seconds answers start strolling in by members on the platform.

So you need not be worried at all – especially if you’re newbie and have no idea about affiliate marketing. You will get all the help & support you need to succeed.

Plus the available 24/7 Live Chat” which gives you the opportunity to FREELY ask questions anytime you feel stacked.

And the good news is that you get all these things for FREE from Wealthy Affiliate – that is incredible!


⇒ Click Here to Claim Your Own Free Membership Now ⇐


I hope this article was helpful, on the other hand, if you have any question or comment about this post, please feel FREE to leave it below.


My best wishes,



10 thoughts on “What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course? Wealthy Affiliate is #1”

  1. Hey Stephen, awesome post as always on wealthy affiliate as the best affiliate marketing platform.
    I joined the wealthy affiliate’s community in 2016 through an online review when I was searching how I can start a business online.
    After signing up and going through the training for the 14days I enjoyed the training and had to upgrade to become a premium member and there I was thought how to start making money online with affiliate marketing which was awesome. Thanks and I hope this post helps as many people to start affiliate marketing the right way.

    1. I’m glad to hear your experience with Wealthy Affiliate, Nyaaba. You’re definitely right as I’m also having the same experience as you did. Wealthy Affiliate is just wonderful. I just like the training on the platform and it is just classic to experience it yourself.

      You’re taking through a step by step training, which is so awesome and easy to follow through, which will teach in a very simple way how you can build your own business website within some few minutes, if anything at all. About just some 2 minutes.

      And afterward Wealthy Affiliate will guide you through the step by step training on how to get traffic to your website, which will lead to making some good income out of it. Surely, Wealthy Affiliate is no brainier at all.

      As I always tell my readers, I highly recommend this training program to all who want to start their own online business right from the scratch – even if you have no experience at all.

      The good news is that, you’re allowed to try the first lessons of their training program for FREE, even before making any payment. 

  2. Hi, Stephen. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself for almost 3 years, I can attest that without question everything that you mentioned in your excellent review of this online training program is without question, the best that one could find online.

    Regarding the presentation of every educational tutorial available in WA’s training program, a person is almost taken by the hand through the illustrations and content to help him/her build an online business.

    This is illustrated by the images you included in your review which showed how a person would create from scratch his/her website.

    Even at the free membership level, and although admittedly with some limitations as to the available content still a person would receive the foundation towards building a business.

    With over 800,000 people who have at one time or another been a member of WA since the company’s inception back in 2005, this number speaks for itself with regards to the legitimacy of this program.


    1. Thanks for your comment Jeff,

      I appreciate your letting all know the truthfulness of the Wealthy Affiliate training program. Your own attestation will help all to understand how this training program works and how they themselves can also benefit by joining this incredible community. 

      Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for three (3) years is enough to to be able to tell all that this training program is entailed and I can see your enthusiasm about this program in your comment.

      Of course I have been a member of Wealthy not up to three years, but I can confidently say that I have personally learned a lot from this community.

       I joined the platform with absolutely no knowledge about building my own business website, but with the help of the step by strep video training coupled with text tutorials and the many support from the curing members within the community,  I now have my own two active website running for my business and I’m making a lot of progress.

  3. wealthy affiliate definitely has a lot to offer and if anybody wants to get ahead in online business then W A is highly recommended. All the skills you need are all there so you only need to have some perseverance to succeed.There are other affiliate training platform but wealthy affiliate is the best.

    1. Hello Andrews,

      Thanks a loft for confirming the authenticity of Wealthy Affiliate as the #1 and the best place to get training for building a genuine and successful business online, in this way, you make it so easier and simple for me and all who may have any doubt about Wealthy Affiliate can now clear their doubt base on your comment and many other testimonials coming from real members of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Once again, thank you for letting all know about the legitimacy of this online training program .- Wealthy Affiliate. The #1 Training Platform to get all your  training on how to begin any successful online business

  4. Hello Stephen:

    I was recently laid off from my job in the banking business. Due to circumstances, there is relatively little chance of getting a similar job. I started exploring alternative ways to make a living. I have been doing extensive research of opportunities to generate income online. I ultimately found what was new to me in affiliate marketing. I did my due diligence and compared many plans. Like you, I made the decision to join the Wealthy Affiliate community. As you outlined on your webpage, there are so many reasons to join. Besides the excellent pricing, the awesome training, the community atmosphere is the biggest positive. It truly is one that is very caring and helpful. Thanks for helping others in their affiliate marketing journey. Take care.


    1. Hello Mike,

      I’m so glad I got someone like you to comment about this article and sharing your personal experience about how Wealthy Affiliate platform really feels like to be part of such a great and wonderful community of caring people.

      I know you will never regret joining this wonderful platform and I encourage you to keep on Wealthy Affiliate all the step by step training within the platform and sooner you will start to smile after seeing your success dripping in like dews of water in the morning.

      What I even like about Wealthy Affiliate the fact that even if you not have money to pay for the Premium membership which is ONLY $49 per month or $359 per year, you’re allowed to to join the FREE Starter Membership which truly FREE ($0). NO Credit is required, that alone makes Wealthy Affiliate so exceptional with all the support that you get from community members.

  5. Stephen,
    No doubt, that Wealthy affiliate is the number 1 , affiliate marketing platform that teaches the right way to really build a successful online business. Many out there are looking for a “fast way” to build online business but that does not exist. I believe everyone need to be a member of Wealthy affiliate. Not only will it save people the frustration of trying to figure things out, on your own , but will also save folks lots of money. Especially those who really want to make money with affiliate marketing.

    1. I certainly agree with you Dr. Patrick , Wealthy Affiliate is surely the #1 place to begin building any successful online business that anyone may have in mind.

      As you said, the course is less costly, therefore anyone who joins this training program will be able to save thousands of dollars ($$$) which is the the case with may online training programs I know about. Some of the even requires that you thousands ($1000 + to $3500 per month). 

      Wealthy more than they low cost you find when you join Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that you’re allowed to become a FREE member if you really mean business but do not have the money to pay for the Premium Membership which is ONLY $49 per month or preferably the yearly membership at a far reduced rate of ONLY $ 359 in the whole year. (which is about $25 per month when you spread it)

      So yes, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE if you’re really serious about building a genuine business online.

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