What is the Best Keyword Tool for SEO? Jaaxy Is #1

When it comes to online affiliate marketing, keyword tools play a very important role. So you cannot just create content and get ranked without using a proper keyword tool.

And is basically because whatever people search for online, they use a keyword in doing their search.

Maybe that is exactly what you did. You typed what is the best keyword tool for SEO? And that is how come you came across my website.

For example, suppose someone is looking for a way to make money online. He could type a keyword in Google like: How can I make money online?“.

So, major Search Engines; Google, Yahoo and Bing all uses keywords to rank websites depending on what articles they write about.

However, for your website to be recognized by these three (3) major Search Engines; Google, Yahoo & Bing,   you need a very good keyword tool that will help find the best keywords that will help your contents to easily get ranked.

So now the BIG question is; What is the Best Keyword tool for SEO? Well, in this article, I’m going to help you discover the #1 Keyword Tool for SEO that will help your website get better rankings.


So, What is the Best Keyword Tool for SEO?

Well, when it comes the Keyword Tools, there are many out there, however, if you’re looking for a Keyword Tool that is more convenient and gives you an accurate result, then there is no other than Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.


In this post, I will let you know why Jaaxy clearly stands out among all as the best Keyword Tool ever to use for your SEO optimization.

Yes, as I said, if you want accuracy and the best keywords for your blogs and contents writing or even for your PPC, then Jaaxy is the best ever. Let me explain why.


Reasons Why Jaaxy is the #1 Keyword Tool

Below I’m going to give you some tangible reasons why Jaaxy clearly stands out as the best &  #1 Keyword Tool.

  • Jaaxy has  a very easy to use and a friendly interface
  • With Jaaxy, you do not need any software download or installation
  • Jaaxy is the ONLY keyword tool the gives you accurate result per any Keyword Search you do.
  • Jaaxy helps you to know the amount of search volume a particular keyword has.
  • Also, with Jaaxy – you will be able to know the amount of traffic each keyword can bring you.
  • Jaaxy also helps you to know the number of competition on each Keyword Tool.
  • Jaaxy is the ONLY keyword tool that let you know your ranking in Search Engines.
  • Jaaxy also allows you to choose a domain name with a very low competition
  • In addition to that Jaaxy is the ONLY keyword tool that helps you to choose the best Affiliate program that is related to your niche.


In fact, Jaaxy has a lot of beautiful features that make it stand out as the #1 and best ever.

I recommend you watch the video below for a full and complete review about how Jaaxy works.



On the other hand, you can Check Below for My Complete and Full review on Jaaxy.


⇒ Read My Full Review on Jaaxy Here ⇐


How Jaaxy Keyword Tool Works!

To help you understand how Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool really works, I have taken a snapshot of sample keyword searches i did so you can better understand how Jaaxy actually functions.


So as you can see above, this is how Jaaxy Keyword Tool’s interface looks like when you use it for keyword research. For example, I searched for best ways to lose weight naturally” in Jaaxy and you can see the various result Jaaxy returned for this one search.

So you can see the Avg, Traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO and Domains. Each of these unique features in Jaaxy has it own meaning and special function. Let me explain each term step by step to you.

  • Avg: The Avg, as you can see as one of the features of Jaaxy shows the Average monthly searches for a keyword. That is the number of times people search for a particular keyword per month. For example, when you look at the first keyword it shows that the Avg for that keyword is 64, Traffic is 11 and QSR is 57.


  • Traffic: This actually shows the number of visitors you will get when your website get ranked on page one (1) of Google, Yahoo or Bing. So for example, when you look at the search result in Jaaxy, the fifth (5th) – which is; “what is the best way to lose weight naturallyyou can see that it has an average monthly search of (Avg) of 139, Traffic is 24 which is quite good with a QSR of 7.


  • QSR: QSR stands for “Quoted Search Result”, this actually represents the numbers websites that are competing for a particular keyword you searched. For instance, the keyword; “what is the best way to lose weight naturally, has a very low competition of ‘7’. Which is very good to use and with this, you can easily get ranked in Google page one (1) and drive some organic traffic to your website.


Try Jaaxy Here by entering a Keyword to see how it works …



So using Jaaxy is your key towards getting authority from major Search Engines such as; Google Yahoo & Bing and that will bring you some good organic traffic. You can imagine getting about 1,000+ people visiting your website per day. Jaaxy can help you achieve exactly that.


I hope this article will prove to be helpful, however, if you think you ever have any question or comment about this post just feel free and leave it below.


My best wishes,



2 thoughts on “What is the Best Keyword Tool for SEO? Jaaxy Is #1”

  1. I, too, use Jaaxy for my keyword research! I’ve found it’s better than all of the other keyword tools, including Google’s own keyword research tool! I love the fact that it offers a free trial 30 searches so you can see what you’re getting into before you go ahead and spend any money. I’ve made much more money using Jaaxy than I could ever even IMAGINE spending on the monthly fee!

    1. Hello Kenneth ,

      Thanks for your comment and for letting people know about the truthfulness of what I’m saying. Jaaxy is indeed the World’s #1 Keyword Tool. In fact, I have never seen any Keyword Tool with so many functions as Jaaxy has.

      And the good news is that all who want to taste the usefulness of Jaaxy are allowed to try it for FREE ( for 30 Keyword Searches) so they can really feel how Jaaxy Keyword tool works themselves. And then as you said they can decide to use their money to purchase it if they really want to enjoy all the benefits and good things that comes from using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

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