What is the Herbalife Scam- Check My Full Review

 Create Your Own FREE Starter Account Here!Have you ever asked this question before? What is the Herbalife Scam? Perhaps You were wondering as to whether Herbalife is a Scam or something legitimate.

If that is your reason, then you’re at the best place to get to know all about Herbalife, their secret and every truth about them.


A Preview About Herbalife

Product: Herbalife

Founder: Mark Reynolds Hughes

Price: N/A (N Specific price)

Rating: 3 out of 10

My Verdict: Not a scam but only good for those with special marketing skills. So I can’t recommend it to you either.


What is Herbalife About?

As revealed above, Mark Reynolds Hughes was an American businessman who was the founder, chairman and CEO of Herbalife International Ltd, a multi-level marketing company. Herbalife was established in the the  in 1980s, ( based in Los Angeles, California ).

Their products are known to be a signature product, composing 30 percent of its sales, its a soy-based meal replacement shake powder popularly known as “Formula 1”.

Herbalife International is a global multi-level marketing corporation that is into production of  nutrition supplements, weight management, sports nutrition,  a skin and hair product line and personal-care products.

Also, the Herbalife company markets and sells their products to potential customers. since it is an international company, their products are distributed globally.

As a result, the company  has over 3.2 million  independent distributors selling its products in over 90 countries.


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And like any M. L. M company,  each new distributor is expected to recruit more distributors into the company, thus expanding the Herbalife network and taking a percentage profit from each person they bring on board.

So what that means is that you will have to have special skills in convincing people to join you on board to expand your network.

The more people you’re able to recruit, the more your earning increases. However, if you cannot recruit others then no money for you as all M.L.M companies are known to be, as regards their compensation plans

Equally, you will have to be able to sell their products, as a member, and as I mentioned earlier, that requires that you have some special marketing skills to able to convince people to buy a product that is considered quite expensive.

In addition to that, the Herbalife  “pyramid scheme” has raised many questions on how Herbalife is able to maintain ethical consistency and integrity with so many independent distributors, with each employing their own,

Also, the kind of  tactics their distributors use to make sales are sometime very questionable.

Yet, despite all  these questions, Herbalife continues to boasts a huge and ever-expanding following, an active social media community, and even a number of high-profile sponsorship deals with sports stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo and a team such as the Ospreys.


Herbalife Products

Active ingreadient = Formula 1 (F1) 

According to Herbalife, their Ultimate Weight Management Program also called Formula 1, is a protein powder, which when mixed with water, comes as an energy drink that helps users to grow lean and burn fat.

They also claim that the  protein powder aids in burning fat and hence build muscles as the nutritional shakes, also providing nutrients that assist in the suppression of appetite.


Therefore, since you are not eating as often as before, you then grow lean as a result.

In addition, they also say that the Herbalife weight loss program is made up of protein shakes, weight loss supplements and teas. Herbalife replaces certain meals with its own meal-replacement protein shakes to “induce weight loss”.

Also, according to the Herbalife official website, the Formula 1 shakes is made up of  protein, fiber and essential nutrients that support the body in the following ways;

  • Help in the cellular growth repair and production.
  • Get a healthy meal for balanced nutrition.
  • Help in supporting the general metabolism rates in the body.
  • Get up to 9 grams of protein, which is vital for gaining better health.

Below you will see an example of a typical day on Herbalife Weight Loss Plan I took direct from their website.

0730 – Wake Up

08:00 Breakfast – Chocolate shake with skim milk and half a banana

11:00 Snack – A medium apple

13:30 Lunch – Grilled chicken breasts with vegetables and whole wheat bread

17:00 Snack – A can of tuna and iceberg salad

20:00 Dinner – Vanilla shake with skim milk and half a banana


The video below is an official guide showing how to make Herbalife Formula 1 Shake



But the truth in the matter about the Herbalife products is that, while there some few positive remarks about their so called Formula 1, there are also a lot of complains about how this products has had a very bad effect on it users.

The videos below shows some complains made by a former member of Herbalife who used  Herbalife products and it after effect.


How to Become a Distributor of Herbalife Products

You cannot find any prices on Herbalife products without first registering with their official web page.

Herbalife also  gives each distributor an official website account with an online store. And so you will have to first visit the official website of Herbalife and register your  free account to be able to have access to all their podutcs price list.

Once you have registered on their site, you will have all the price list and the ability to search for specific products with the Herbalife price under each product.

You will also be able to place any order of this product online, as many times as you wish. Coupons are also available.

Also, Herbalife has an online  membership, which is a source to connect with a Herbalife distributor and ask questions about weight loss, product information and setting your goals.


PRO of Herbalife

  • It is claimed that you do not lose any muscle mass while on Herbalife weight loss program.
  • There is no need to diet- This supplement offers enough nutrition but in controlled portions
  • Also, the diet is prescriptive, which makes it convenient for individuals who buys the Herbalife products to know when and what to take at a particular time.
  • There is the possibility to result in short term weight loss.

Cons of Herbalife

  • Product is said to have high sugar levels, low proteins and fiber content.
  • Also, there have been some complains about the effectiveness of this weight loss product.  For some, it has taken more than two months to shed 3 to 6 kilos.
  • The diet is also calorie-restricted, so consumers are likely to feel hungry and may feel low in energy.
  • Products are considered to be expensive, especially if doing it long-term.
  • Restrictive, making long-term compliance difficult.
  • In addition, there is a lack of transparency on the website regarding what ingredients are in the products.
  • Finally, Herbalife products are highly processed and contain undesirable ingredients such as artificial colors, flavors, fructose and sucralose.
  • Also, it is said that the ingredient list continues to list other fillers and additives.


My Final Verdict

As mentioned above, the Herbalife weight loss programis made up of shakes of shakes, supplements and teas, all supplied by Herbalife. It is true that the Herbalife plan is likely to provide short-term weight loss results for some individuals.

Nonetheless, the general consensus among nutritionist professionals shows that it is unsustainable and vastly inferior to a healthy, balanced whole-food diet. It is also said that, there is also a concern about the lack of clinical support for the Herbalife weight loss plan, with no peer-reviewed research to back up its claims.

To ad to that, I am not a fun of weight loss programs that use liquid meal substitutes. As a dietitian, the only time I consider using these is when someone needs to lose weight fast for health and medical reasons, for example before urgent In my opinion, meal substitutes simply are not sustainable.

Also, liquid meal substitutes simply don’t encourage or create behavior change or improve knowledge. If you are looking to improve your health and lose weight forever, instead of focusing on eating less or restricting your diet, it is best to try  to enhance the balance of your diet.That is the best practice to consider


Cost  of Herbalife Products

From an estimate made, using the weight loss program monthly  (two shakes a day)  will approximately cost $155*. This includes:

  • Two Formula 1 shakes
  • Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex
  • Fibre & Herb Tablets
  • Herbal Beverage Tea
  • Herbalife weight loss meal plan

This is before any food groceries, and to me this is very much expensive program in comparison to others of its kind.

Is the Herbalife Program Good for You

Well as it has been well explain, although Herbalife is not a scam, from my opinion and the research I have made, however, as I have said earlier, I will never recommend any M. L. M platform to anyone as a means to make some successful income.

  • These are due to three basic reasons, and the reasons include the following;To be successful with any M. L.M program, you will need to have special marketing skills to be able to sell their products, since that requires convincing people to buy the products.


  • Secondly, you must be able to recruit other members on-board to join in the program as your down-line so you can be able to earn something and even to be able o increase your earnings.

And I’m sure you will agree with me that convincing people to join you as your down-lines is not an easy thing at all. Yes, that as well requires special skills to be able to accomplish this.

  • And thirdly, products sold by most of these M. L. M companies are quite expensive, therefore making it difficult for their members on board to be able to make any sales. And Herbalife is not an exception.

The video below shows a complete reason why I will never recommend Herbalife for you. A very shocking documentary about Herbalife. If you join, you will only loose your money.

My No.1 Recommendation

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The table shows the differences between My #.1 Recommended Program  and Herbalife.

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If You have any question or comment about this article, just feel free to leave it below.


All the best,



7 thoughts on “What is the Herbalife Scam- Check My Full Review”

  1. Dear Stephen,

    Thanks for the detailed post on “What is the Herbalife Scam- Check My Full Review” I got new insights and the documentary videos are really helpful. Instead of wasting their time you helped people via this post I appreciate it.

    I am Wealthy Affiliate member and I am with them for more than 15+ Months so I totally agree with what you said “if you’re really Interested in Making Successful Income Online then My NO.1 Recommendation is to Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free Now and Learn How to Turn Your Passion Into a Successful Online Business”

    Your Friend,

  2. Stephen,

    It seems like the Herbalife Program used to be quite popular, but I don’t hear much about it these days. I don’t like that you must be able to recruit other members on-board to join in the program as your down-line, so you’re able to earn something and even to be able to increase your earnings. To me, I’ve seen too many of these programs that appear to be pyramid based. I appreciate you laying out all the facts.


    1. Yes Lisa,

      gradually and gradually,m most of these popular MLM programs are dying off. And this is due to the challenge that their customers have to face when it comes to recruiting people.

      And I don’t agree with that idea either friend. I don’t recommend MLm programs to any of my visitors if they really mean business.

    2. Thanks Lisa, I really appreciate your comment on this post. Yes most of these popular MLM programs seems to be dying off nowadays and it is all because of the difficulties their members go through in recruiting and selling their products.

      I hope all MLM members come to understand the fact that MLM business is not for just anyone. But rather, those who have specially selling skills and can easily convince people intro into joining the programs.

  3. I once went to Herbalife promotion event and it really turned me off. The whole style was to persuade me to buy into the scheme without actually letting me know what the products really cost. They always told me they would get to that later.
    Irrespective of whether the products are good or bad I would not buy them because of high pressure selling methods they use.

    But, having said all of that they are a successful company. I have also seen multi-level marketing suggested by very successful sales people, some of the best in the world, as a good way of learning selling skills. In any business that you want to start, having good selling skills in the business is usually more important than having good product or technical skills.

    It is said that an average product will always do better in the hands of a good sales person compared to a superb product in the hands of a poor sales person. Maybe there is some value in multi-level marketing.

    1. Hello Alan,

      I agree with you perfectly as you said, and if you took notice in my post, I never mentioned that Herbalife is a scam, but as you read the only p-problem I have with all M. L. M is their pyramid scheme which something common among all M. L. M companies.

      And what that means is that if you cannot sell, then no money for you, or if you cannot go round looking for people to convince them and recruit them so them join you on-board, then you will earn absolutely nothing.

      Yes, having some level of marketing skills is very important as you said in all online business and I agree with you to some extend but as you read from this post, I personally will never recommend any M. L. M program to anyone, except if you think you have all the skills in convincing people and you think it will be good for you. And that is a personal choice.

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