What Is Traffic Wave? Learn How To Make $10K Per Month Here!

Have you ever asked yourself this question before? What is Traffic Wave? Is Traffic Wave a scam? In this post, I’m going talk about what Traffic Wave is all about, Traffic Wave affiliate & Traffic Wave Signups.

What Is Traffic Wave? Learn How To Make $10K Per Month Here!


You probably may have heard about Traffic Wave and been wondering as to whether its one of the MLM programs out there!

Well, to clear any doubt, I want you to know that Traffic Wave.net is not an MLM program but rather a very legitimate opportunity that can help you learn how to build a successful business online.


NOTE: This is not any get-rich-quick-scheme, But rather a very powerful tool to help you build your Email listing,  (Email marketing), Track your result & make some good sales out of it.

You should be ready to learn to achieve your success goals, by following through all the tactics & the step by step trainingAre you ready? Okey lets go!

With Traffic Wave, You Can Build Your Email List Track Your Result & Boost Your Sale

Before we even get started, let take a brief overview of what Traffic Wave.net is all about.


An Overview Of Traffic Wave.net

Product: Traffic Wave.net

Founder: Brian Rooney and Stephen Hambright

Sign Up Price: 30 days FREE Trial

Upgrade Membership: $17.95  [My Bonus -I will pay for your first month]

Website: www.trafficwave.net

My Rating: 9.2 out of 10

Verdict: A very legitimate program to help you build your business through an AutoResponder Email listing.  And a good  opportunity to make some regular  income.


So What Is Traffic Wave then?

Well, Traffic Wave.net as the name implies, is an AutoResponder Email marking company operated by Hamney Roobright, Inc. located in Spring, Texas. Founded in the year 2000 by Brian Rooney and Stephen Hambright.

TrafficWave.net develops and manages AutoResponder technology for small and medium sized businesses in over 140 different countries.

Traffic Wave manage have over 10,000,000+ clients  who access use web-based AutoResponder system 24/7 to manage and send newsletters, sales letters, special offers, and other important communication to their subscribers.


Here is a quick video about the Traffic wave AutoResponder!


The Challenge Most Affiliate Marketers Do Face

Most Affiliate marketers do fail because they refuse to do one basic secret which is a key to achieving success. Most Affiliate Markers Are Failing Because they're not Building Email List of their Customers

Even, not just achieving success, but also earning income that is consistent. If you’re going to achieve that, then surely you need to start building your Email list of all your customers.


There is a saying that if you don’t have a list you don’t have  business online – and that is very true. Why because most of the people who visit your website may not buy anything or take any action on the spot.

However, most of them will like to leave their Email addresses with you. And having their Email gives you the opportunity to follow up on them.

Which may eventually lead to some sales. Yes, this is what the most successful Affiliate marketers are doing to build 6 figures and even 7 figures online.

So if you don’t have a list of your customers, you don’t have a business. Period!


The Good News & My #1 Recommendation For EveryoneWe Have Good News For All Business Owners

The good news is that we have found one of the  the best Email Marketing company to help you build your your list & Authorespond to all your customers who visit your website.

By doing so, you will be able top build some genuine business online. When it comes to build your Email list, one of the best programs you can take advantage of is Traffic Wave.net!

They have all the best tools to help you build your list & achieve real success with your business


Why You Should Choose Traffic Wave!

Not only is traffic Wave.net the one of the best Email listing companies out there. As I said they have all the tools you need to achieve your online success.

In addition to that, their customer support is so classic, they are ever ready to assist you anytime you need their help.

Also, to help you see the legitimacy and authenticity of their services, – Traffic Wave gives you 30 days FREE Trial, which allows you to try their system and then if you’re satisfied, you can upgrade by paying for it

NOTE:  No matter how many list you have or how may subscribers you have, the price does not go up. Yes, and that why I like Traffic Wave so much & recommend it to everyone.

 With Traffic Wave, You Can Build Your Email List Track Your Result & Boost Your Sale

So in a nutshell, “TrafficWave.net specializes in the creation and management of powerful and responsible marketing technologies designed to give clients superior service and results”. 


⇒ Create Your Own FREE  30 Days Trial Account Here You Have My Full Support & Bonuses Inside!


Traffic Wave Affiliate Program – An Opportunity For You Earn Some Extra Income.

You do not need to become an Affiliate of Traffic Wave to be able to use or benefit from their services, however, this also another fine opportunity for you to make some extra income out of your business.


NOTE: As an Affiliate, you have the opportunity to use some of the money you will get from referring other customers to Traffic Wave to pay for your membership.


So in this way,- you’ll not need to use your pocket money to pay for your monthly fee or membership which $17.95.

Also, if you’re a member of “Wealthy Affiliate”, you have a fine opportunity to get some Cash to pay for your monthly membership fee.


Watch the video below – it will explain everything you need to know about Traffic Wave’s Affiliate Plan!


Want to Supplement Your Income With Traffic Waves? Click Here Now To Get Started! Enjoy My Personal Bonus of Paying For You For the First Month!


As you saw from the video above, the Affiliate program is a very good opportunity for you to build some extra income in addition to your business and pay for your membership fee.


Now see the details about the matrix below.


Traffic Wave.net Affiliate Plan

As an Affiliate of TrafficWave.net , you can earn residual commissions on every new business you refer to TrafficWave.net. Yes, and this can be a supplement to your regular income.

As I told you earlier, even though you can choose not to promote TrafficWave.net, – it can be a source of money that you can use to pay for the service they will render you without having to pay for their AutoResponder & Email Marketing Service from your own pocket.


So Who Can Be Your Potential Customers?

Below are a list of some potential customers you can target to promote Traffic Wave to – who may need an Email Listing or AutoResponder to move their business to next level:

  • Affiliate Marketers or bloggers
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels, Publishers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Home Based Businesses
  • Consultants
  • Sports Clubs,
  • Religious Groups
  • Entertainers

Yes, all these people may need an AutoResponder & Email listing to Track and monetize the growth of their business and to move their businesses to next level.


Now See Some Details of How this Affiliate Plan Really Works!

The chart below shows how Traffic Wave Affiliate Plan really works & how you can make some extra income out of referring other customers to use their services

Traffic Wave Affiliate Plan

Traffic Wave.net Affiliate Plan - You Can Earn Some Good CommissionTraffic Wave.net Affiliate Plan - You Can Earn Some Good CommissionTraffic Wave.net Affiliate Plan - You Can Earn Some Good CommissionTraffic Wave.net Affiliate Plan - You Can Earn Some Good Commission


 So as you can see clearly from the Affiliate plan above, you have an opportunity to make some extra income out of promoting Traffic Wave that is if you want to, however, this not obligatory if you do not want to become an affiliate.


My Special Bonus For You!

I want you to know that not  only will you be getting a great tool but I will be there to help you get it setup and working.

To show you how strongly I believe in this tool I will pay for your first month there so you can get all the benefits. I’m that confident that this will help you that I am willing to pay for you to get started.”


Are You Ready To Build Your Business Email List, Track Your Business, & Make Some Good Sales by Moving Your Business To Next Level? Create Your Own FREE 30 Days Trial Account Here Now And Enjoy My Bonuses!


If you ever have any question or comment about this post please feel FREE and leave it in the small comment box below and I get back to you as so as possible.


My best wishes,



12 thoughts on “What Is Traffic Wave? Learn How To Make $10K Per Month Here!”

  1. A Well detail information on Traffic Wave. I have heard about it a long time ago and always thought that it a surfing site where you trade your time by surfing other people’s site to get credits so that others will look at yours.

    Never knew that an autoresponder was attached to it. Glad that I came across this Review cause I am thinking seriously about being a part of this company. Any companies that I uses over the Internet and have an Affiliate program attached to it, will consider joining. Thank you for the information.

    1. Hello David,

      Yah and I’m also happy you found this article and review on Traffic Wave, you’re really going to benefit if you decide to sign up for Traffic Wave. Its a very fine opportunity to move your business to the nest level.

      So if you want your business to succeed, then I highly recommed Traffic Wave for you.

      My best wishes.

  2. Hi Stephen, this is an excellent comprehensive explanation about what is traffic wave learn how to make 10K per month here.
    Yesterday I was reading up about Traffic Wave and today I have been able to once again go through the information thanks to your well presented post. There is a lot to absorb and your post is something I will refer back to. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Tania,

      I’m also glad that this post has been helpful to you. Of course building an Email list is the key to making success with any business. That is why I said it plainly that if you don’t have a list, you don’t have a business. And that the basic truth about any online business.

      And when it comes to building an Email list you want to consider Traffic Wave as one of the best options out there, although there are other programs that you can consider like Aweber and Getresponse, I highly recommend Traffic Wave because of all the benefits that comes along with it plus the fact that the price for upgrading after 30 days trial is very low compared to the others

  3. Hello Stephen,
    What a fantastic review that you have written. Kudos. You have addressed all my questions and more. I only recently heard about TrafficWave and I have registered with them. Just going through their training material and I am so psyched. Of course, I am still checking out reviews to see what other people think – so thank you – I appreciate this.
    Much success.

    1. I’m so so happy to hear that from you Michelle, that this article has proved to be very helpful. For sure you’re definitely going to enjoy the services being provided by Traffic Wave, they have the customer support plus that fact that they all the tools you need to build your Email list and which is going to help you going forward with your business.

      Their AutoResponder also works so classic, yes and I well recommend Traffic Wave for your business.

      My best wishes.

    1. Thank you too Craig and I’m happy that this is going to serve you well. I can confidently say yes as well. That is why I even offer to pay for the first month for all who want to give Traffic Wave a try. A very good way to boost your business online and move it to the next level.

  4. Hello Stephen, I am so impressed with this article and with Traffic Wave. I have just signed up for it. And it is the perfect blend of building our business and also creating another stream of profit. Thank you for really breaking this down. It is fabulous.I am so excited about Traffic wave. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Thanks Ariel,

      When I was writing this review about Traffic Wave, I was just thinking about useful it could be to my visitors to this website.

      So I’m happy that you found this post on Traffic Wave very informative. And I’m also glad that you have already sign up for Traffic Wave, I want you to know that you’re definitely going to enjoy their services very much, which will even help you move your business to the next level and create some additional streams of income even as you said.

      My best wishes, Ariel.

  5. I am just learning how to become an affiliate through Trafficwave too!. So far I am learning how to start building my e-mails for my e-mail marketing campaign for my website. They are a really great service!

    1. Hello Brittaney,

      You’re definitely right and I can tell you that it is best decision you’re ever taking if you really wants to see success come your way. One thing is surely the truth and it cannot be changed, – that is, if you don’t have a list you don’t have a business.

      Any successful online entrepreneur will tell you that building an Email list of your customers or visitors to your website is always the best solution to achieving any success. And I’m glad you have come to know this want to take advantage of the fine services that Traffic Wave do offer their customers.

      My best wishes to you.

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