What is Tribe Writers? – Is It a Scam?


Overview of Tribe Writers

Name:Tribe Writers

Founder: Jeff Goins

Price: $497

Website: www.tribewriters.com

Rating: 4 out of 10



What then is Tribe Writers?

Well, Tribe Writers as the name implies, is an online training program founded by  Jeff Goins, who claims  that his course combines the craft of writing with the practical steps of what it takes to market and sell your work.

    Jeff Goins – Founder

So basically, Jeff Goins says when sign up to join his training course (Tribe Writers), he will teach you to discover your unique writing voice, find the audience waiting for your words, and build a platform that will get you paid and published.

According Jeff Goins, his training program is  intensive, and and as a result, they insist on providing top-notch support, we only open registration a couple times a year, and this is your chance to join the next class.



So at this point you may ask, is this program rally legit? Can you really trust this program? Well, based on my research, Tribe Writers is not a scam, but if you’re really serious and want to join a program that will help you build a successful business online, then tribe Writers is not my recommendation.

Below, I will share with you some few reasons why I cannot recommend Tribe Writers to you as an online training program to help succeed as an entrepreneur.


Pros of Tribe Writers

  • There hasn’t been any prove of scams.
  • There are Loads of materials available
  • Also you get support from Jeff Goins.


Cons of Tribe Writers

  • First of all, Tribe Writers is NOT FREE to join. You pay $497 to start.
  • Secondly there is no guarantee of your success in joining this program
  • Also there is no guarantee of getting your money back if fail with Tribe Writers
  • Tribe writers has NO 24/7 Live Chat support which will help you get help easily when in need.
  • Tribe Writer does not teach you how to build your own FREE website, which is the foundation of any ONLINE business.
  • There is NO web hosting included in your payment
  • Also keep in mind that Tribe Writers has been in the system not too long ago.


As I said, Tribe Writers’  is Not a scam. However, as I said earlier, I can’t recommend it to you either due to many reasons you will learn from this review. If you are looking for a genuine money making program, allow me to help you discover My #1 Recommended program called Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been a premium member for quite sometime now.  It’ FREE to join. No credit card required.


So as you can clearly see above, there is a BIG difference between Tribe Writers and MY #1 Recommended Program and the good news is that, you can join my recommended program for FREE, NO Credit card required at all.


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Tribe Writers and their Claims

As it is common among all ONLINE programs and offers, I’m not too surprise that Tribe Writers also try to hype their products and offers.And I know that Jeff Goins did this to get people to sign on to his training program.

For instance, he claims that, although the world’s best writers aren’t necessarily the most popular ones. And he continues that he can and would  like to help you get past that frustration, and take the right actions to finally get noticed and find your own tribe of loyal followers.

Also Jeff Goins claims  that, with his training program is the only online course that combines the craft of writing with the practical steps of what it takes to market and sell your work.

But I know that is far from the truth, as far I I’m concern, there by far ONLINE training programs out there which you can learn step by step on how to create a successful business that will generate for you some successful and regular income.

And the good news as I said earlier is that, most these CLASSIC training programs out there allow you to join their platform for FREE,

in this way you’re able to try things out and then see if the offer is worth your money and effort and then you can decide to upgrade to premium.

But as you can see, Tribe Writers is not FREE to join, besides, there is NO guarantee of getting your money back if you fail to succeed with this training program.

And for me, I will never recommend to you any program that do not allow you try things out first, before deciding to use your precious Credit Card or your most valued saved money to pay.

I believe that any legitimate program out there should first allow you to try things out first and then if if you;re satisfied you can go further to upgrade to premium, in this way, you’re sure of what you’re doing.


Other Claims from Jeff Goins

In addition to the above said, Jeff Goins also says that,  he is now the  best-selling author, speaker, and coach.

And then he adds that he didn’t always enjoy this level of success. But rather, like anyone else he also  struggled beginning.

But now he says he has finally discovered a way to be true to his passion and make a living doing what he loved.Also Jeff says, in less than a year, he was able to  launch a blog, land a book contract, and built an audience of over 100,000 readers.

Adding to that, Jeff says, he has coached thousands of writers, bloggers, and creatives on how to find the audience their message deserves, published four books, and hit three best-sellers lists.


But Can We Really Believe all these Claim from Jeff Goins?

Well, I can’t be dogmatic in this regard, however, what I do know is that even though there may be some truth in what he is saying, I also do know that all ONLINE offers are well hyped just to get people to sign up to it.

You just need to be careful, as I said earlier I will personally not go in for any offer that will NOT allow you to try things out first, to see for yourself how things work out, before using your money to buy.


Tribe Writers Training Modules

Below you will see some snapshots I took direct from Tribe Writers’ website about the different training modules you will go through if you sign up to join their platform.


 So you can see clearly my thorough review about Tribe Writes. All that you need to know about this ONLINE Training Program.

At this point, if you’re asked What is Tribe Writers? What would be your reply? Would you say its a Scam or Worth your effort?

Well there is no doubt you’ll agree with me that Tribe Writers is not a Scam, however, as I have made clearly in this review, I will NOT recommend this training program to you for the sake of the drawbacks you saw in this review.




My best wishes to you,



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