What Is Yanbal International? Is It a Scam or Legit?

Product name: Yanbal International

Website: www.yanbal.com

Price: No info

Owner: Fernando Belmont

Overall rank3 out of 10

My Verdict:  Although Yanbal International is not a scam, I can’t not recommend it to you if you’re here because of their business opportunity. Yes, and I will explain to you why I cannot recommend it to you.

Before we start to look more into what Yanbal International is all about, I will recommend you watch this video which gives a historic background of what Yanbal International is all about. However, unfortunately I could not find any of their videos in English Language, all are in Spanish Language.

So, if you can understand the Spanish Language then, you can understand what this video has to say about Yanbal International and their historic background.


So What is Yanbal International? Is It a Scam OR Legit?

Yanbal International – YBI is one of the direct selling MLM programs out there founded in 1967 by  Fernando Belmont who said “Yanbal was his dream. Also he says he established this company because he he realized that most women around him were dedicated almost exclusively to household tasks.

So Fernando Belmont says “since the very first day, the company pursued to change the lives of thousands of women”. Also, according to him, Yanbal International has not just helped a lot of women financially, but also has helped women very well in terms of beauty.

So in opinion, Yanbal International is not a scam, but rather, a classic Multi-level Marketing Company out there that claim to provide the world with beauty, fashion and well-being. So basically, Yanbal International produces fragrances, make-up and impact jewelery and the latest in facial and body treatment.

Yanbal International claim to have changed the lives of many people, For example, they claim that; they have changed the lives of thousands of people and their families. Quoting directly from them, this is what they say;  “For us, bringing beauty is much more than making people look good, we believe that it transforms people”

For instance, watch this video to see what Yanbal International claim to offer every body in the world.



Also, Yanbal International say that, they more than half a million Consultants and Independent Directors earn money, respect and fulfillment with us. Also claiming to have over 5,000 employees at the corporate level.


Pro of Yanbal International

  • They Have Compensation Plan
  • You may benefits by buying some of their beauty products if you’re a woman.
  • You’re not forced to work, you work based on your own created schedule


Cons of Yanbal International

  • False claim about making families and everyone in the world rich.
  • All YBI’s training videos are available in Spanish language, you would hardly get anything in English Language. So I wander why they call themselves and International MLM program. So if you can do the work of translating the Spanish Language into English then fine, but if you cannot, then you better not try it at all.
  • YBI’s business opportunity seems to be for only women, not men, since all their products are for women, from cosmetics to jewelries.
  • You need to be very skillful in selling, since YBI a direct face to face selling program
  • Also, you need a solid budget to be able to buy YBI’s expensive beauty products.
  • You cannot  join YBI for free neither any MLM program. You’re at least required to buy their expensive products to start.
  • Like all MLM programs, YB requires that you recruit an army of people to be able to make money from their business opportunity 
  • As I said YB’s products are very expensive like other MLM programs.
  •  False claims about exaggerated benefits of their beauty products,as being Classic and the Best ever in the world, which is common among all MLM programs.
  • Confusing Pyramid Scheme Compensation Plan


As I have said, Yanbal International YBI is not a scam, however, I cannot recommend it to you if you’re here because of their business opportunity. If you really are interested in a genuine way of building a successful business that will yield for you some good income, I recommend you look at my NO.1 money making platform which you can join for free.


Yanbal International Claims

Yanbal International claim that they offer world, that is you and I with the best ‘World Class Products’. Claiming to offer “the finest quality and latest trends in Jewelry and Fragrance”. But as far as I know, these type of claims are commonly known among all MLM programs.

Some MLM programs who produce health care products even sometime make claims that their products can cure almost all diseases, which is never true, I know they make such false claims just to convince people to buy their products.

Also, quoting from their website, this what they say; We are a billion dollar direct selling company that operates in 10 countries across Latin America, Europe and the U.S. We are a billion dollar direct selling company that operates in 10 countries across Latin America, Europe and the U.S.

In addition to their boasting, they say that, ‘Over 400,000 Independent Style Advisers trust them with their dreams worldwide. Addition that they  “started 50 years ago as a family company with the goal to change lives”.

Also they say, “We have continued with that mission by focusing on the well-being of our communities, corporate team and staff, and customers and Style Advisers Worldwide through our actions and decisions”.

But to be frank, if any have really benefited from Yanbal (YBI) who claim to be International MLM program and for that matter helping people worldwide, it will be only some few individuals, not more than 0.1% of the world’s population.



Yanbal International Products

As I have said earlier, Yanbal International claim to have the best products ever, they mention that, they  offer the world with the finest quality and latest trends in Jewelry and Fragrance. Yes they claim to offer the best world class products.

Adding to their claims, Yanbal International claims to control the quality of its products, from research and conception, to production and distribution.

More than that, quoting the directly, YBI says, “We belong to a business group that owns an Ingredient Innovation Lab in France, and a R&D Center and a Fragrance Creation Center, both in the U.S.; and have a jewelry design team in New York. We also own 6 factories and 7 distribution centers”.

But I know this not anything new, as it is know among all MLM programs with false and exaggerated claims about their products.

Almost all MLM companies claim to have the best and NO.1 products, so we don’t know which of them to believe. They just confuse us with their claims.

Now let have a look at some YBI’s products which they claim to be classic and the best ever in the world.

Products from Yanbal International ranges from Jewelries to Frances and cosmetics, as I said all these are products for women, not for men, so it looks as if YBI focuses more on women, instead of men,

So let categorize these products  coming from Yanbal International.




Under the Jewelries, they have the following;

  • Necklaces

Under Necklace, they have the following products;

AMARI NECKLACE – Price: US$70.00
BUHIC NECKLACE – Price: US$63.00
CLASSIQUE     NECKLACE – Price: US$59.00
ANGEL LOVE SET – Price: US$42.00
ANGEL LOVE SET – Price: US$42.00














  • Bracelets

Also, under bracelets, you will find the following products;

Eternity Cristal Bracelet – Price: US$36.00
Kiarella Bracelet – Price: US$54.00
Corali Amor Bracelet – Price:         US$39.00
AMARI BRACELET – Price: US$52.00
SIARA BRACELET – Price: US$45.00











  • Earrings 

Some of Yanbal International’s Earrings include the following;




  • Ad On’s

Some of their Ad On’s are’


Golden Chain Extender – Price: US$2.00

Silver Chain Extender – Price: US$2.00
Black Chain Extender – Price: US$2.00
Palladium Chain Extender – Price: US$2.00
Clipe Set – Price: US$5.00


About their fragrances, YBI says, “Floral and fruit essences are the common denominator for living this tropical adventure through the senses. Use these fragrances for day or night, any occasion is the perfect excuse”.

Below are some products under YBI’s fragrances;

  • Acento Intense – Your Price: US$50.00 
  • Acento Trendi – Your Price: US$50.00
  • CCORI Cristal L’eau De Parfum – Your Price: US$60.00
  • Miss Amour – Your Price: US$45.00
  • Unique Woman – Your Price: US$50.00
  • Unique Woman Infinity – Your Price: US$55.00
  • Liberatta – Your Price: US$65.00
  • Liberatta Noire – Your Price: US$65.00


Best Selling Products

According to Yanbal International, the following are their top and best selling products,

Liberatta – Price: US$65.00
Liberatta Noire – Price: US$65.00
Unique Woman – Price: US$50.00
Miss Amour – Price: US$45.00









Yanbal International’s Business Opportunity

Yanbal International as I said, claimed to make people’s dream come true using their business compensation plan. However, they also say that how much you earn really depends on you. So it is not that you can easily make money through their system is they were claiming.

And I will explain to you why its not easy at all succeeding with any MLM program, which Yanbal International is not any exception.

So, YBI says before you start of with their business, you need to first buy their Starter Kits orange box, which contains everything you need to successfully launch your business is included.

So basically, YBI says you can start off by selling their expensive products and then you will get 35% commission out of the sales you made. So if you cannot convince people to buy their products then forget it. You will gain nothing, absolutely nothing.

Also, they claim that if your sales increase, that is if you’re able to convince people to buy more of their products, than your commission and bonuses, so you must be able to convince people to buy these products, else, you will not get any money.

Among their compensation plan, YBI also says, “Earn amazing jewelry for sponsoring: Sponsor new Independent Style Advisors, start a team of your own and earn for their sales too. Become and earn Trips & Conferences!”.

So as you’ve read from this thorough review, Yanbal International claim to be the best and classic MLM program out there when it comes to their products, which I can say they have some good looking products though, but they are no NO.1 in the world,

Also, they claim to be changing the lives of a lot of women in the world and helping them to achieve their dreams through their business  compensation plan.


But Can You Really Succeed With Yanbal International’s Business Opportunity?

Well, let me explain things to you. While Yanbal International is not a scam and also have some very good looking products, it does not guarantee your success with them.

All MLM programs are known for such boasting, which they totally fail to deliver their promises to their members and they end up totally disappointed. Why am I saying it is very difficult succeeding with MLM programs.

Well, the biggest problem with all MLM programs is that, you are not allowed to promote your own products, you’re bound to promoting their products. Whether you like it or not.

Also, these products are quite expensive, which make it very difficult to be able to make some sale. In fact, convincing people to buy such products is not a joke at all.

NOTE:  And if you cannot make sale, then NO money for you. Keep that in mind.

Also, as member of Yanbal International, you’re required to go rounds looking for  other women to recruit them to join you in the business, thereby becoming your down-lines and you become their sponsor.

And you should know that convincing people to join such programs too requires some real effort and some good communication skills.


NB: Also, it is estimated that, more than 90% of all who sign up to join MLM programs fail to succeed.


So, if you ‘re really interested in building a successful business that will bring you some regular income while at your comfort home, then I do not recommend Yanbal International at all. Neither do I recommend any MLM compensation.

As I said earlier, there some far better and well recommended platforms out there, not any MLM program that can teach you for free on how to build a successful business while at home.



My Final Glance on Yanbal International

For the following reasons I cannot recommend Yanbal International to you, especially if you’re here because of their business opportunity.

  • You cannot Start YBI for free; you’re at least required to buy some of their products to start.
  • YBI’s products are expensive and for that matter making sale will be a big challenge.
  • YBI is has a bid drawback, that is their language barrier, if you cannot speak their Spanish Language, that I don’t think you should even try it.
  • YBI seems to be limited to only women, especially since all their products are for women.
  • If you cannot make sales no money for you. And you may have wasted your money for nothing.
  •  YBI requires that you go round looking for other women to recruit them into the business, which is not easy at all.
  • Very confusing compensation plan like all MLM programs.
  • They claim to change the lives of people in the world, which is totally a lie. 
  • Almost 90% of all who join MLM programs with the aim of making money fail.


So what is more, What is Yanbal International? Well, you have read from this review that they are not a scam, how ever, I do not recommend their business opportunity for you because of the reasons listed above and all that you have read from this article.


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8 thoughts on “What Is Yanbal International? Is It a Scam or Legit?”

  1. Thank you for a great insite on yet another possible scam to steal our hard earned money, places like this may have meant good in the beginning but somewhere along the road they lost sight of what they were doing and it ends up like this. To you all the best, and keep educating the world.

    1. It my pleasure Stephen,

      I know how it feels to be a victim of scams and that is why I always try my possible best to do some thorough research about products and online offers so that all who want to know the legitimacy of these products can get a good review about them and be convinced as to whether they are scams or not.

      Also, I try top give commendations to those who really are interested in building some business online that will continue to fetch them with some regular income income. And I always recommend programs that you can try for free, so that you can testify it legitimacy before even using your credit card or money to buy or sign up.

      So if you’re interested in building your own brand business online, the I recommend you try Wealthy Affiliate as I talked about in this review.

  2. I thought of promoting Yanbal even though Spanish is a language I do not understand. However, I was skeptical if this method works and in the post you have made it clear if the system works or not. I think I would stay away from an MLM looking scheme because I have seen many people get scammed from such schemes.
    DId you start your journey with Wealthy Affiliate? Are there any hidden costs once you join?

    1. Hey Shrey,

      I’m glad to hear you comment on this post. And I want to commend you for being smart and wiser enough to do some research before accepting Yanbal International as business opportunity. Many people fail to do this and they end up spending their money on something that will bring them no benefit at all.

      As you read and can now testify for yourself, I personally do not recommend any MLM program for the sake of pyramid scheme compensation plan and all that is required  of you to be able to get some little income. Also, it is not easy to make some sales as you have read, since their products are too expensive to buy, which they claim to be the best products ever.

      And the fact the about 90% of all who join MLM programs with the intention of making money fail alone makes it not worth at all.

  3. I had never heard of Yanbal International before finding this post. I would have to agree that while it is not a scam, I too am not going to start a venture with them. Anything having to do with MLM and/or offering to make you lots of money fairly quickly, always sticks out to me as scammy and not something I would want to do. I have been searching for something legit and they are hard to find. Definitely not going with Yanbal!

    1. Hello Matt’s,

      Thanks for your comment, and I support your thinking of never trying to venture any MLM Program. As I said in this review and as you have read, anyone who really wants to achieve some success online should not try to venture any MLM program. The reason being that almost 90% of all who try to enter some sort of MLM business opportunity fail to succeed. So if you venture, the possibility that you will fail is very high. You’re doomed to failure.

      That is why I personally do not recommend any MLM business opportunity to my readers at all, especially if  a person wants to build a successful business that will fetch him or her some regular income. And if are really interested in business a successful business online, then I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you as thge best platform ever to start any business you may have in mind.

      Wishing you all the best.

  4. Thank you for the warning. These companies can be tricky, special when the call them selfs international.
    This type of companies, the companies which use MLM programs, in the basic, I think they are a scam. In the meaning that in the end it will stop so not all can get the profit of it, probably most people lost money. 

    I see that you don´t call them a scam self but if you have this method in mind, are you not in agreement with me that it is a scam in the basic?
    You said that men can´t be in the program, but is it not possible for them to be in it if they try to sell the products ?

    1. Hello Johanna, 

      I do not call any online business that is not a scam scam by force, That is why I try to do thorough research before doing any review at all. So as you read from this post, Yanbal International is not a scam. And I cannot call it a scam when it is not.

      However, as you read, I also do not recommend their business opportunity to anyone looking for the best program to help him or her build a successful business online while at home. And the reason is basically because, Yanbal International, being one of the Multi-level Marketing companies out there uses the same compensation plan, I mean the same pyramid scheme method of m payment, which I dot support that idea at all.

      And the reason is, MLM companies,.using this method, make it so difficult for their members onboad to see any success, if at all only some few are able to survive. No wonder almost 90% of all who sign up to join MLM programs are doom to failure.

      So all who are interested in building any successful business online should check my NO. recommendation, which is  free to join, NO Credit Card required.

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