What is Zija International About? Read My Full Review Before Signing Up

Overview of Zija International

Name: Zija International

Founder: Kenneth Brailsford

Price: $41+ for starting price

Website: www.zijainternational.com

Rating: 3.5 out of 10

My Verdict: Well, Although Zija International is a CLASSIC MLM Program, However, I will not recommend it to you if you’re here because of their business opportunity. You better try something else than MLM business, and I will explain why I’m saying this to you.

So looking at the overview above, what do you think? if you were asked, “What is Zija international about?” What would be your answer?

Well, base on my thorough research, Zija International is a Classic MLM companies out there known for their production and selling natural herb products, food supplement, wellness and beauty products. Zija International was founded by Kenneth Brailsford in 2005.


So, What is Zija International About?

So, what is Zija International About?  Well as I said in my verdicts, Zija international is not a scam but rather a very classic MLM company known for producing and selling natural herb products, food supplement, wellness and beauty products. This company was founded by Kenneth Brailsford in 2005.

However, as I told you earlier, even though Zija International is not a scam, I cannot recommend it to you especially if you’re here because of their business opportunity. You may ask why? Well, let me explain things to you.


Of course, ‘Zija International’  is Not a scam. However, as I said earlier, I can’t recommend it to you either due to many reasons you will learn from this review. If you are looking for a genuine money making a program, allow me to help you discover My #1 Recommended program called Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been a premium member for quite some time now.  It’ FREE to join. No credit card required.




6 Solid Reasons Why I Do Not Recommend any MLM Program

There  solid reasons why I do recommend any MLM business opportunities to anyone who is really interested in building a successful business online. But before we even dig deeper into why I do not recommend any MLM program to you, I recommend you watch the video below first.




So clearly you got the message, why I do not recommend any MLM business opportunity to all who really are interested in making money online.

However, now that you have finished watching this video, let me take you through six (6) solid reasons why I will never recommend any MLM business opportunity to you.


  • 1) MLM Programs Are Not Free To Start: This one of the major problems about all MLM programs, you’re are not allowed to start for FREE. So what it basically mean is that if you fail to succeed, you will loose all your precious money ($$$) which you have invested into it.


  • 2) The Job of Recruiting People: As soon as you sign up for any MLM program, you’re expected to recruit other people to be able to benefit from their pyramid scheme compensation plan. SO what it basically mean is that, if you cannot convince other people to sign up and join you in the program as a member, you will gain nothing.

This job of recruiting people has actually resulted in a loss of friendships and many another bad effect, What I mean is that MLM members are always targeting whoever comes their way, they do not mind whether you’re a close relative or a close friend. They are eager to recruit you into the business, as long as they will get their money through you.


  • 3) MLM Companies Over Hype their Products: This is seen to be something very common among all MLM programs out there, even the most legitimate one. They all claim to have the #1 products and the best ever in the world and I call this exaggeration. Some MLM companies are known for producing health care products even claim that their products can cure almost every sickness, including cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis and other deadly diseases, which are far from the truth.

They make people buy their products and sometimes even experience some very bad effect after taken such food supplement or whatever they call it.


  • 4) Almost 90% of all  MLM Members Fail to Succeed: Yes, this is an estimate that you will love to hear. An estimate conducted shows that more than 90% of all who join MLM companies with the aim of making some income while at home fail miserably to succeed. Some even loose thousands of dollars ($$$) to these companies, Yes their hard earned and precious money.

So looking at this estimate you can tell for yourself why I cannot guarantee your success with any MLM program. If you try it, you are likely doomed to failure.


  • 5)  Products are too Expensive: Yes, this also another big problem among all MLM companies that especially makes it difficult for their members who have signed up with the dream of making some money fail. As a result of their overly expensive products, this makes it difficult for any who is has signed up to be able to sell their products.

So, you must be a very skilful marketer to be able to sell any MLM products. Else, you will not be able to make any sales at all and without sales, keep in mind that you will not earn anything at all.


  • 6) Finally, Only those at the Top Succeed: This is a true fact that you should never doubt and that why out of 100% only about 10% will succeed in all MLM business opportunities. So when you sign up for any MLM company, you’re actually working for your so-called up-liners, that is those who sign you up or those on top of you.

So, the possibility that you will fail is very high, there is no guarantee of your success with any MLM program. many have lost their precious money which they invested in these MLM companies with much regret.


I recommend you watch this video as well, from an expect in ONLINE marketing, which explains another reason why I do not recommend any MLM business opportunity.




Zija International’s Products and their Claims

Like other CLASSIC MLM companies, Zija International is known to have a lot of products, ranging from health care to beauty, wellness, food supplement and other related products. Below are some products manufactured by Zija International and their claim of it benefits.


  • Zija’s SuperMix

          SuperMix-Cost = $125.00


From Zija International, this SuperMix which cos$125.00, is even packed with more Moringa than their SmartMix. Also, this SuperMix is an easy-to-open packet that you can add to water for a dose of pure nutrition – even on the go.

In addition to that, due to the fact that this SuperMix is packed with more Moringa, Zija says you’ll get an extra boost of 90+ verifiable, cell-ready vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits.





Some Benefits of the SuperMix

Taking directly from Zija International, below are some health benefits of their SuperMix;


  • Increases energy
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Promotes healthy circulation
  • Delivers anti-inflammatory support
  • Heightens mental clarity
  • Nourishes body’s immune system
  • Nutrition that’s easily absorbed in the body
  • Helps promote healthy blood sugar levels
  • Provides natural anti-ageing benefits


  • Zija’s Améo Gene Expression -Zone 1

    AGX Breathe- Respiration

    Blend (5ml) Price= $46.60

“The Améo Gene Expression, which is shortened as AGX,  is another product coming from Zija International. According to Zija, base on their own conducted analysis, the AGX contains some  essential oils within AGX Zone 1 such as; Balsam Fir, Eucalyptus Globulus, Marjoram, Sandalwood, Myrtle, and Oregano which is capable of aiding in soothing and opening airways”

Also, the AGX Breathe blend contains oils that help support healthy respiratory function and provides a stimulating aroma that can be beneficial when used topically or diffused.





  • AGX Cleanse – Detoxification Blend – Zone 2 

    AGX Cleanse -Detoxification

    Blend (5ml) Price =$46.60

The AGX cleanse Zone is another healthcare product coming from Zija International. Zija says that like their Zone 1, this AGX Zone also contains some essential oils that help in facilitating digestive detoxification.

Also, according to Zija, since it was produced, the  Améo has individualized itself by taking a unique, scientific approach to fully understand essential oils.






Benefit of the AGX Zone 2

Quoting direct from Zija International, the “AGX Cleanse contains oils that aid in the body’s natural cleansing abilities and promote an overall normal digestive system”.



Other Healthcare Related Products from Zija and their Prices

Also, you can have  a look at other healthcare products produced by Zija International and their prices. Below are other products that Zija International has since the company was established.

AGX Digest–Daily Digestive

Blend – Price = $78.76

AGX Energy-Vitality Boosting

Blend – price =$46.60


  AGX Focus-Concentration Blend    (15ml) Price= $46.60


Zija’s  Business Opportunity

As is very common among all MLM companies, Zija International claim to have some very good compensation plan which can help change your life for the better. But the truth is, all are just some exaggerations just to get you to sign up.

And like other MLM programs, Zija also uses a pyramid scheme as part of their compensation plan and means of payment. Now let take a closer look at Zija International’s business opportunities and their claims.


Compensation And Incentives

According to Zija International, they have a  “turnkey business model, easy-to-use tools, unmatched support, and lucrative compensation plan make starting and building your own successful Zija business a reality”.

Also, they claim that they have several unique ways to help you make some money while at your own comfortable home.


Retail Sales

Zija International says that you can earn income by purchasing products at wholesale price and selling them at retail price. You keep the profit.


Fast Start Commission

In addition to their retail sales compensation,  Zija says that you can also earn about 15 or 25 per cent of your newly-enrolled Zija members’first order Volume. So basically you benefit from doing recruiting as I said earlier.


Zija Rewards Program

 Zija say that you also says they have a Zija Rewards Purchase, which is also known as an AutoShip or recurring order, which gives you the opportunity to earn Zija Rewards Points, which can be accumulated and exchanged for your favourite products, as well as discounts on SWAG and other perks.


Zija’s Pyramid Scheme

Also, among Zija International’s business opportunity is their pyramid scheme compensation plan which they use to pay their members who have signed up, on-board to join the program

You can see Zija’s compensation pyramid compensation plan from the snapshot I took from their website as shown below.



So Do I Recommend Zija International?

Well, I guess by now you know my answer to this question. A very BIG NO. And I have explain to you clearly in the outset why I dot recommend any MLM program to anyone who really want to achieve some success with financial freedom.


Rather, as I said earlier, if you are really interested in build your own successful business ONLINE that will Yield for you Some Good and regular income which you can really on, I recommend you check a Comparison I made between Zija International and my #1 Recommendation for you.



So you can clearly see the differences between any MLM program, including Zija International and My #1 recommendation and what you can expect to get from them. Yes, if you really mean success then I recommend you try my #1 recommended platform for you, which is free to sign up, NO Credit Card required, plus 24/7 Live Chat.



My best wishes to you.,






Zija International











  • Compensation Plan
  • Its not a Scam


  • Too Much Products Hype
  • Products are too Expensive to Sell
  • No Free Sign Up
  • Over 90% Fail in all MLM's
  • No 24/ 7 Live Chat Support

6 thoughts on “What is Zija International About? Read My Full Review Before Signing Up”

  1. Great article, you really describe MLM programs to a tee. I sold Parylite many many years ago. I did OK, made a few hundred a month but never had anyone sign up under me. I was ok with that though. I did it because the person I signed up under was a great friend and as long as I made enough money to keep me in my candle habit I was good with that.

    I have bee trying to earn a living online so my husband and I can sell our house and all our worldly possessions, we are going to buy a RV and travel around the country for at least a couple years. Since I have looking my in box is filled up everyday with tons of MLM programs. I am not a salesman and I think they are a ripoff.

    Thank you for your article, you really put it in perspective.

    1. Your comment and experience with MLM programs look interesting.I think you were even fortunate because even though you could not recruit other people to join the Parylite program, at least you were able to make some few sales. So your look a bit better.

      I think those Emails you have been receiving are coming from other MLM members who are also working so hard to recruit you back to join the in the program. You must have been frustrating them for not being able recruit you back into the MLM.

      I recommend you try affiliate marketing and see the differences between MLM programs and Affiliate Marketing. Wishing you all the best.

  2. Zija international seems like the archetypical MLM company.
    Recruit / recruit / recruit.
    I can see the argument behind why MLM should work.
    I have been coaxed into several “meetings” myself and always walked away wondering why the products are so expensive, even though the company is saving thousands by not having premises and not advertising in the media.
    The question from me is: What can I do to make some money without taking a job or wasting more money on MLM?

    1. You’re right Happy, and I’m glad you took your time to leave your taught on this review. As you said, like all MLM programs, Zija is not exceptional in recruiting people. It is all about recruit and recruit- are right and not just that, you’re also required to sell their expensive products to customers that is  if you’re to benefit from that aspect of their compensation plan. 

      And to tell you the truth, if you’re not a very skillful marketer then you will surely make nothing- I mean ZERO dollars. Your labours and money will all be in zero, waste of time and your hard earned money.

      Now to answer your question, I’m pretty sure you saw MY #1 RECOMMENDED PROGRAM. I recommend this program to all who are interested in building a genuine business that will in turn generate income for you. And the good new is that you’re not charged anything at all to start. It absolutely FREE to join and receive all the benefits that comes with it. Why not try it and see how things work out.

  3. You just gave us a detailed explanation of Zija International. Thank you for that, and I hope others read this too, especially those that are about to join Zija.

    I am also a member of several MLM companies, but not much active now. I like the fact that with MLM, the income potential is huge, but that is only if you are a good recruiter.

    Another thing that put me off is, it is very hard for someone to build a downline now with MLM business because, almost everyday there’s new MLM business being launched. Those you have recruited to your team today, will be recruiting you to join other companies by tomorrow! And to me, that’s ugly.

    Good job reviewing Zija, and again, thank you!

    1. Hello Gomer,

      Thank you too for your honest comment on this post. You’re really right about your thought on MLM business opportunities. Although others are able to make some money out of it. but as you said from your own experience, only those who are very skillful in recruiting others really are able to see some success with MLM businesses.

      Some even go to the extent of recruiting their own family members, and has even resulted in lost of friendships and many other problems. So you can now understand why I say I do not recommend any MLM business opportunity. 

      If you’re really looking for ways to build a successful business online, then MLM recommendation is not any MLM business opportunity at all.

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