World Unity Space Affiliate Social Media Review – Get $1 Per Referral

So, What is World Unity Space Affiliate Social? Perhaps someone introduced to you this new social media platform & told you it was possible to make some money on this social platform. Today I decided to write this World Unity Space Review so that all who wants clarification about this new social platform will be certain as to where it is legit or a scam.


Well, then can we say World Unity Space is a legit platform where you can make some money or a scam? Well, in this review, I’m going to cover what exactly World Unity Space is about, so you can decide whether it is a legit opportunity or one of the scams out there.


However, before we dig a little deeper into what this new social platform is all about, let take a brief overview of World Unity Space.

Overview Of World Unity Space 











Product: World Unity Space

Founder: Petrus Viorel Slatineanu

Price: Sign Up FREE & Get $1 Per Referral


Rating: 9.5 out of 10



So, What Is World Unity Space?

This is a unique social platform aims to create a large and united community, without unnecessary censorship and blocs, like the other titans in Social Media. While socializing platforms are making money from your output and giving you nothing, they even censor and block you if you freely express yourself. Here all people are free to express themselves freely.


NOTE: However, things like; Porn material, hate speech, and other negative behaviour are not allowed.



In addition to this, World Unity Space is taking the initiative to reward all new adopters of this new platform.  Unlike other social platforms where you make NOTHING.



How To Make Money With Your World Unity Space Account

As I said, this new social platform is taking the initiative to reward all their new users by performing some simple tasks. below are some of the things you can do to make some cash with World Unity Space.


  • Referral Commission

According to the founder of World Unity Space, you make $1 per each referral you bring onboard to the platform. Not just that, but also, when any of your referrals upgrade to their Pro Package, you’re rewarded with up 70% commission on any of your referrals that upgrade their account to the pro version.


  • Posting Commenting & Liking Commission

Another excellent way of making some Cash with World Unity is by posting on the platform. Anytime you make a post on the platform. World Unity Space gives you up to 5 points which are about $0.001.


Also, when you comment on other people’s post, you’re given up to 3 points and then when you react to other people’s post, by liking it, you get 2 points.  According to the founder, 1000 points = $1


NOTE: All these points are in the form of money and convert into some Cash coins ($$$). So the more you post, like and comment actively on the platform the more you gain more points which can be withdrawn into your PayPal account.


So, Is World Unity Space A Scam?

The truth is that we can say this is a scam opportunity. The reason being is that World Unity Space is not demanding any sensitive information from you. They don’t ask you for Credit Card information when you sign up.


They don’t even ask you for any payment information. It is FREE to sign up. The ONLY thing you will need for signing up your account is your User Name, Password & Your Email address which will be used to verify your account after creating it.


Here Is My  Personal Profile

My World Unity Space Profile




So, this can’t be a scam offer, as scammers often demand Sensitive information such as your Credit Card details and even upfront payment before getting access to any offer they may have.


⇒  You Can Use this Link To Create Your Account & Explore this New Opportunity  ⇐


Your comments, feedback and questions about World Unity Space are warmly WELCOMED.


Always to Your Success,



World Unity Space Review











  • FREE Opportunity For Everyone
  • You Can Make Commission On Referrals
  • No Payment Information Required
  • You Get $1 Per Referral
  • Better Than Other Social Platforms Where You Make Nothing


  • No Cons Discovered Yet

4 thoughts on “World Unity Space Affiliate Social Media Review – Get $1 Per Referral”

  1. Hi Stephen, 

    Happy to find this post. Currently I am searching for some new opportunities to earn extra money without investment and risk. I see…. to earn something with this platform will take time as the payments are not big, however its good to have few streams of incomes. Maybe in the future it will be famous like Facebook 🙂 Thanks for sharing this new Social media…

    1. Hi Snap,

      Although this is not a BIG money making platform, I think you can equally make some money there. After all you pay NOTHING to sign up. The good thing is that you even get some point just for performing normal activities like posting, commenting and liking bother members post. You can then redeem these points into cash which can be cashed out if you reach the payment threshold which is $50.

      You also get rewarded just for inviting your friends to the community. you get $1 for each person you refer. As I said, this not any BIG money, but it is better than spending time on Facebook posting and chatting without getting anything.

      You can use the link there to create your own FREE account.


  2. Wouldn’t it take a ton of referrals to gain any amount of money worth earning?  Seems to be a very low ticket commissions opportunity.  I understand the format of the process, but in this day in age there are too many people out there that would not want to focus on a $1 a referral.  It certainly did not catch my attention with any positive reaction.  I hate to sound like a negative Nelly, but it simply does not seem worth anyone’s time if they are looking to make passive income worth their time.  The content on your site was very interesting as it did catch my attention to see if there was other opportunities to dive further into the commissions amount, which there was, but seemed too far fetched in my opinion.  Thank you for allowing me to review your content and I hope you don’t take offense to my honest review/comment.

    1. You’re right Garry,

      The amount of reward you get for the each referral looks so small, however I think this is quite better than other social media platform where you get NO reward for posting there, commenting on other folks post. 

      So, it is not a BIG money but you can earn some little money there though.

      Thanks for commenting.


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