xMarketer Review + Demo Video – Automatically Boost Your Sales & Conversions Here!

Did Someone recommend to you XMarketer? Are You here for a review on this product? Well, if so, then we commend you because you made the best decision for checking on reviews first before buying this product. In this XMarketer Suite Review, we will explain everything you need to know about this product, and then you can make your personal decision, as to whether it is worth buying or not. 


But before we get started with this XMarketer Suite Review, let’s first see an overview of the product.


Overview of this XMarketer Review

XMarketer Review + Demo Video











Product: XMarketer

Creator: Madhav Dutta

Price: $47 Lifetime Payment  (Check Price Here)

Website: https://xmarketer.io

Overall Rating: 9.2 out of 10


Now that we have an overview of this XMarketer Review, we highly recommend you watch this XMarketer Demo Video below, as it gives you an overview of how the product actually works & then we can proceed with the review.



So What Is XMarketer?

Well, xmarketer® as the name implies is the world’s first AI(Artificial Intelligence)-based sales system well designed to convert your website visitors into sales 5 times faster without any extra efforts, with the power to video & voice calls with visitors to close to help boost sales instantly.


So, in short, xMarkter provides you with everything you need as an online business owner so you can work with efficiency and provide your customers with the best of services, which in turn will lead to more sales and conversions.


Some cool & awesome features included in this newly launched products are:

  • Chat widget
  • Voicemails

  • Video Mails

  • Live Call

  • International Phone Call

  • Face to Face call

  • Automated Bot response

  • Emoji & GIFs

  • Customizable helpdesk

  • Custom Macros

  • Automation Triggers

  • +20 More Amazing Features


XMarketer Helps You to Redefine How You Market Products to Your Customers

With all the awesome cool features listed above, xMarketer helps you reach out to your customers in a more redefined and better way, doing it quicker, which in turn boost your sales and conversions automatically.


For example, some cool ways these unique features work are:

  • Voicemails – You can listen to audio recorded messages directly from your website. Listen to your potential customers, thereby converting leads into sales.
  • Videomails – You can also exchange video recorded messages with your visitors. Which will improve engagement and boost revenue.
  • AI Bots and Emails – Qualify and engage budding users. Automate your marketing, make sales while you sleep with the AI Bots and Emails.


The 3 Simples Steps To Using xMarketer Suite!

The 3 simple steps below show how xMarketer works and how easy it is to use;

  1. Setup xMarketer Widget: Simply add xMarketer chat widget to your HTML/Wordpress website and you are ready to go.
  2. Share Support Page Link: You just need one page to answer all customer queries. Make customers happy with great support.
  3. Add agents to Your Team: As your customers increase in size, you may want to invite agents to help you manage interactions. Collaborate and work efficiently.


The 360° Marketing suite

So, in a sense,  xMarketer gives you a 360° marketing suite. Which means, you get all the tools you need all in one to give your customers to best experience ever when they visit your website, which will automatically boost your sales and conversions since you’re among the few online marketers providing this kind of service.


See all in the Snapshot belowThe 360° Marketing suite




So Who Is xMarketer For?

Well, to put simply this product is for all online marketers who’re serious about moving their business to the next level. In short, every online business owner who has a business website can benefit from the fantastic services provided by xMarketer.


So the list below shows some few of the many online marketers who can benefit from xMarketer:

My Final Verdict

So, looking at all these many benefits that come with xMarketer, what do you think? Is xMarketer worth buying? Well, in my opinion, the answer to that question is BIG Yes! Why because looking at all the awesome features that come with this product, it is indeed worth the price.


The good news is that xMarketer is a one-time payment(Lifetime). There is no monthly payment here, even for the front end product. So, once you purchase it, it becomes your property for life and you continue to benefit from all the awesome features and services without any recurring payment.


Summarized Overview of xMarketer Suite

Product: xMarketer Suite
Sales Page URL: https://xmarketer.io
Creator:  Madhav Dutta
My Overall Rating:  9.5 out of 10 points


My Verdict?   Legit!


Is xMarketer Legit? YES, LEGIT!




⇒ Check xMarketer Here To Help You Boost Your Sales & Conversions ↵



If You have any questions, comment or feedback about this xMarketer Review, they are warmly WELCOMED here. Just drop it in the comments box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Always To Your Success!.. 😎 





xMarketer Suite Review











  • The Best One-Time Payment Offer You Can Get
  • Ability To Do Face to Face Call With this Product
  • Ability to Send Both Voicemails Video Mails
  • Ability to Do International Phone Calls
  • Al Powered Automated Automated Bot Response To Your Customers While You Sleep


  • There Are Some Few Upsells

20 thoughts on “xMarketer Review + Demo Video – Automatically Boost Your Sales & Conversions Here!”

  1. Hello Stephen,

    Thank your for sharing information about your XMarketer tool. I’m a little concerned that a lot of the video was spent explaining tickets.  I like that it would be my property for life. I think it can definitely be useful for online marketers but I’m not convinced about buying it yet.  I would want to know how long it’s been in use and maybe some testimonials.   The question was already answered about recurring charges.    However, I saw the pros and cons, and I’d like to know what the upsells are mentioned under cons.

    My main challenge is getting my offers seen.  The chat box you presented seem to be a step in the right direction for that.   

    Thank you again, overall it was good information well presented.

    V. Pearl

    1. Thanks for your comment Pearl, 

      XMarketer is newly launched product, so you can expect to get testimonials now. Of curse someone must use it before testimonials can be told. So, you can also be that someone who would like to the product a try and give us your own testimonial for others to also benefit from it.

      Don’t expect testimonials from others all the time! Lol. But the fact is you got to give it a try and then see who it works yourself. This is a very effective tool for all online marketers to benefit from greatly.

      Yes, about the upsells, of course there few of them, but as I said in this review, the upsells are just some few additions that you get from the services provided by the xmarketer product. So, in effect, you don’t need these upsells before you can benefit from this product. the front end alone can do wonders to help boost your sales.

      I hope your question is answered.


  2. With all the features you have listed, it looks that XMarketer is a good option for business developers to grow. Also it is good for Affiliates Marketers. I think will look inside to find more. I want to know about the price, you said is for one time, one time $47? I think I didn’t understand, right?                                                                                                       

    Thank you for this review 🙂

    1. Hi Maria,

      The price is onetime(Lifetime) payment, in a sense that, you don’t have to be paying any monthly recurring fee,as most products owners demand that you do. With xMarketer, once you pay off your front end price which is $47, you’re done. You’re not required to make any payment again.

      I hope I made myself clear? Thanks for your comment.


  3. The xMarketer definitely seems to be a great product to boost sales by converting visitors to customers. But like Chris, I must say I did not understand how this plugin is using Artificial Intelligence to increase our productivity and efficiency. It will be great if you could throw some more light on the same?

    Gee Ess

    1. Hi GeeEss,

      I answered Chris question already. Maybe you didn’t read my answer to his question. If you use Facebook and have ever created a a Page for your business, there is even an option the your page account settings where you’re able to set Auto-response to anyone who visit your page and make an inquiry.

      This is a very special software created to eve to more than that for you. It comes with it own settings where you can configure it so it will send automated Emails in response to any of your customers who comes to your website and an inquiry.

      I hope I made some sense here, friend.

      You will better understand this when you get the product yourself and give it a try. I recommend you do that and see how it works yourself. Thanks for leaving your comment here.


  4. Hi Stephen, thank you for the information about xMarketer, I’m always on the lookout for new tools and techniques that can help me with my online business. With xMarketer, at what stage in someone’s online business do you think this can be beneficial? I’m not sure I have enough traffic for a tool like this to be worthwhile. Whilst my sites are going well, they aren’t generating a lot of income yet. 

    Also, regarding the price, is this a once only price, and there other upsells? I don’t want to be surprised by other things I might need to buy once I’ve made an initial purchase. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Mellisa,

      All the questions you’re asking are answered in this review, so I don’t see why you’re asking me to give you repeated answers. As I said, the price is onetime payment, you don’t have to be paying a monthly membership fee here.

      Also, about the upsells, I already said it here that even though there are upsells, you don’t need them to benefit from the offer this product has to give you. The upsells are just some additional features added to the xMarketer product. You go for them if you think you need those additional features, which is not compulsory.

      You mentioned that you website is not generating enough sales, it is perhaps because you’re not giving the few visitors who come to your site a good customer or user experience, that is why you’re not making sales.

      That is why you need xMarketer to help you interact well with your customers even when you’re away or asleep, which in turn will help increase your sales and conversions automatically.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Hi! I heard about xMarketer recently and was surprised about its link with Artificial Intelligence! Wao! We’re already living in the future! Hahaha. I recognize that this is the way that most businesses online will go! Thank you very much for your detailed review! I appreciate your verdict and will definitely check out this one!

  6. I mean, come on, this sounds too good to be true. Is this for real? Can there really be an AI program that will truly boost my sales and allow me to build my business faster and better? Ok, well you have my interest peaked, I will look into it and I hope that you are for real about it, because it sounds great.

    1. Hi FREE4Life,

      Thanks for your comment here, I’m glad your interest in xMarketer is peaked, of course this is good product for all of us as Affiliate Marketers to benefit from and help boost our sales.

  7. I am an affiliate marketer, I have been looking for ways to make some improvements to my website, make my post better, more informative and entertaining. There are many products and platforms that promises you to make good profits with their services but it is not like that. 

    However this one looks different, I will try it out and see what happens

    Thanks for the information

    1. I’m gald you found some value in this product Fredery,

      Indeed you will benefit greatly for trying out xMarketer, I would like to hear your personal testimonial after using this product, so all will know how effective it works. So go try it and come here and drop your comment for all to see it.

      Thanks for passing by


  8. Wow this is so cool, now I can convert all my visitors in my website into sales.How much is this program? And also how do I get into contact with the program when I am in need of help. How can I apply this into drop shipping i don’t understand that and since visitor is converted into sales does that means they do not actually have to buy the product to get my commission.

    1. Thanks for your comment and concerns friend,

      The product price is listed up there. It starts from $47 as the upfront price and it is Lifetime payment, there is not monthly payment here. Once you buy it, it becomes your own for life! Although there some few upsells.

      Yes, as a drop shipper, since you also have your own online store where you deal with your potential buyers, you can set up xMarketer so it will help you community effectively with your buyers and even automate some of the responses to your customers whiles you’re away from the internet or asleep.

      As for the link to the product, i will drop it here very soon.

      Thank you.


  9. It really does sound like an interesting system that can do a lot for your online marketing efforts, but I am a little bit confused on one aspect of it…

    You say it is AI (artificial intelligence) powered but from what I can see – most of the functions seem to be very regular. What parameters exactly does the AI control in this product and how effective are they?

    1. Thanks for your comment Chris,

      I understand your question. This AI(Artificial Intelligence) Is a feature that comes with the xMarketer software and it is programmed in such a way that it is able to automate and work effectively by providing response to your customers through Emails while you’re away or asleep, making your service more effective and convenience to your potential customers, thereby boosting your conversions as well.

       I hope this makes sense Chris? thanks for your comment and feedback.


  10. Hello Stephen. Thank you for sharing your review of XMarketer. XMarketer seems like a great way to convert prospectives into buying customers simply with the means of engaging them one way or the other either through chat, calls etc. I think I like the general idea of this product. What I don’t like about it is the few upsells after the unit payment. Upsells do throw me off alot.

    1. Thank Barry, 

      This is indeed a great product to help you boost your sales and conversions indeed. Of course, we all don’t like upsells that much, but with this one, you don’t need the upsells before you can benefit from the products. I think the upsells just ad some few other benefits. 

      But aside that, the front end product alone comes with all the unique features described in this offer. I surely hop is going to be a game changer for those who take action and grab hold of it.

      Thank You.


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